5 tips for an unforgettable Christmas in Benidorm!

Christmas Holidays in Benidorm

It’s almost that magic time of year! Christmas is approaching fast and with less than two weeks remaining till we cheerfully sing deck the Halls some of us are still undecided on how to spend our holidays. Or not? Well our top pick for this year’s Christmas holidays is Benidorm! Why a summer destination for Christmas we hear you ask? The reasons are many and all of them serious enough to make us want to pack our suitcases and sunscreen and get ready for a sunny happy Christmas! So for those of us who have already decided to spend our vacations on the sunny southern coasts of Spain we have collected 5 tips to help you make the most of your Christmas in Benidorm before you return to the cheerful but cold Ol’ Blighty!

Tip 1: Sunscreen Sunscreen Sunscreen!

It goes without saying that prolonged exposure under the warm Mediterranean sun, despite the joy it might bring, might also cause sunburn and red skin. So in order to avoid looking like a lobster and enjoy your holidays even more, pack your sunscreen with you or buy some when you arrive because despite the maybe chilly weather the sun is mostly up and shining.

Tip 2: Book your Christmas dinner early!

Despite less traffic than usual, Christmas in Benidorm is still a difficult time of year to book a dinner in some places and especially when lots of other people are trying to do so too! It is highly advisable that you book your dinner as soon as you book your holiday in order to avoid disappointment.

Tip 3: Bring something worm along!

Despite the average temperature of 20 degrees and the overall friendly weather, the clouds might make an appearance and make your t-shirt and shorts feel a bit inadequate. Therefore make sure to bring something warm along such as a light coat, scarf and trousers in order to keep you warm in case the weather shows its teeth.

Tip 4: Keep an eye out for Christmas offers!

Being a festive time of year with people flocking in and some of the shops reopening for the occasion it is a really competitive season for the services and goods on offer. This unavoidably leads to better prices and group deals for booking activities, dinners and nights out. Se we definitely recommend that you have an eye out for deals as those appear and go quickly. Get a great deal on drinks, food or even clothes if you decide to buy and make your Christmas in Benidorm special by bringing some gifts back from your holiday.

Tip 5: Try the traditional Christmas treats and food!

Having a great cuisine is a perk that few places amongst of those Benidorm enjoy. If you decide to spend your Christmas in Benidorm make it a special one by going for the all traditional and tasty Cordero Asado or roast lamb served along crispy and delicious homemade Patatas Fritas instead of the traditional turkey! If you are a fan of fish dishes you can also go for the tasteful and festive Sopa De Pescado y Marisco soup. Made with fresh fish and shellfish and accompanied by toasted bread, this soup is a traditional and tasty starter to your dinner that you are unlikely to enjoy someplace else.

So there you have it! We are certain that we have left a couple of things out such as the enormous variety of sweets and treats available during Christmas but keep an eye out for those too and you won’t be disappointed at all! The Turrón almond candies, Polvorones almond cookies and Mantecados crumble cakes are definite crowd pleasers that will accompany your holidays and give it that sweet taste that all of us visiting Benidorm for Christmas deserve!

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