Christmas in Gran Canaria: 5 reasons to get your tan on by the Christmas tree!

Christmas Holidays in Gran Canaria

Its that time of year again! The slowly falling snow and cheerful families make up for a part of what is probably the most important vacation of the year. As usual people are stocking up on warm socks and Christmas jumpers but there still are some who would go for a different approach to the all-time festive favourite. How about getting some mid winter tan on and not have to worry about the humid and cold weather? In short how about spending Christmas in Gran Canaria? We know it might sound a bit non-traditional but if you follow our guide you will certainly have the most unique and warm Christmas holidays!

It’s (almost) always sunny in Gran Canaria!

Being in a place with an average temperature of 25 degrees has its own perks. The sun is almost always up and the beaches warm enough for a swim or sunbathing. Think about your mates back home and daily commute in the rain and you will certainly appreciate it!


The Clubs and bars are open and vibrant!

Grand Canaria might mainly be a summer destination but that doesn’t mean that the bars and clubs are empty. The nightlife is vibrant as always and the warm weather helps with going out with just a long-sleeved shirt. Why go through the ordeal of carrying coats and scarves and getting soaked in the rain if you can just party without shivering? Book for a warm Christmas in Gran Canaria and enjoy a late summer night out!


Local food is amazing!

Mince pies and turkey are all good but why not step outside of your comfort zone and have a great Spanish Christmas feast? The restaurants around Puerto Rico and Playa del Ingles along with all other areas are mostly open but you need to book as soon as you arrive because tables go fast! Have a sunny Christmas dinner in Gran Canaria and give your family a memory to cherish outside the ordinary!


Seaside attractions are where it’s at!

Of course skiing and snowboarding are unique winter activities in their own right but what about going on a dolphin trip or a glass bottom boat excursion? If you are a fan of fishing and exploring you can always book a trip to the smaller islands nearby but as already mentioned the demand remains high so keep an eye out and book early!

Christmas Holidays in Gran Canaria

A last tip during your trip

Be a bit careful with going around as due to high demand the taxis might triple their normal fares. Try to book somewhere close to a town in order to have more options for where to spend your Christmas in Gran Canaria. Overall a worthy experience that you have to try so we are waiting for your comments and suggestions for our trip as well!

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