Christmas Holidays in Majorca: Feel the festive spirit under the warm Mediterranean sun!

Christmas Holidays in Majorca

I hear you say why would I want to spend my Christmas in a summer destination? Well the truth behind the answer is why not? The cosmopolitan island of Majorca is a vibrant place all year round with plenty of things to see and do. The sun is mostly shining, the beaches are less crowded than ever and the activities and booking fees relatively cheap, so book your Christmas holiday in Majorca and enjoy the pleasant weather and festivities away from the overcrowded shopping malls and chilly winds back home.

Explore Palma

The magnificent capital of Majorca is a truly wonderful place all year round so you would be well advised to go ahead and treat yourself with an amazing city break by booking for a Christmas holiday in Majorca! The dramatic Palma Cathedral is a historic landmark that you ought to visit and the views overlooking the city are bound not to disappoint. If you happen to be around the Palma Cathedral then you can cross the street and visit the Royal Palace of La Almudaina as well which bears home to royal receptions and is a majestic sight in itself. A stroll around the city might reveal lots of hidden gems as open air markets are quite common even though winter is here and the goods on offer vary from clothes and handmade jewels to fresh local produce awaiting discovery.

Christmas Holidays in Majorca


If exploring the local wilderness and climbing to the hardest tops is your thing you can always have a look at the chances offered by the forty plus canyons in the Majorcan mountains. Majorca is a place worthy of exploration as you can hire a local guide and delve into the magnificent caves of Drach and Arta or go even further and explore the mighty Sa Fosca canyon which is considered one of the most challenging for canyoning experts all round! The weather is pleasant and the sun mostly out so go ahead and give it a try for a Christmas holiday that stands out!


Wealthy tourism and a cosy Mediterranean landscape means great golf courses! Want to improve on your drive and overall skills without getting soaked and frozen in the English weather? Then you certainly have to try one of the 22 courses on offer throughout the island! Lose your golf balls amongst the palm trees in Alcudia or go for the ace in Son Vida and its three amazing golf courses closeby. The luxury hotels in the area and close proximity to the airport make it a great destination to visit as well so book your Christmas holiday in Majorca  and stretch your legs under the friendly Mediterranean sun.

Soller train tour

Amongst the favourite attraction all year round is the Soller train tour. Built in 1911 in order to carry local produce amongst the cities of Palma and Soller, the Orange Express as named by the locals is a veritable spectacle in itself. Carve around the mountains and go through the 13 tunnels scattered across the train route, taking a lot of pictures along the way. The trip itself is a sight to behold and a well justified addition during your Christmas holidays in Majorca!


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