3+1 Travel packing tips from travelers to travelers that will make your life easier during your holidays in Spain!

Holidays in SpainTravel Packing Tips

Have you booked for your next holidays in Spain? In case you already have there are certain things that you have to deal with before your arrival. Before you start planning on what to take with you, follow our top 3+1 tips that might save you a great deal of inconvenience when roaming around the sunny shores and cities of Spain.

Bring a plug adaptor

Imagine that you have already arrived to your holiday destination in Spain and your phone is dramatically close to running out of battery. As a typical modern individual you rush towards the closest socket to recharge but disaster strikes when you realise that the pins are different! In order to avoid the aforementioned scenario be sure to pack a European plug adaptor if you don’t want your phone or tablet running out of juice and leaving you unable to upload pictures of your favourite beach.


Bring a more casual outfit

We too believe that sun means relaxing by the beach and strolling around the ramblas in sandals, shorts and vests but there are certain places where your outfit might be considered a bit too relaxed. If you plan on going out to eat in a nice restaurant or visiting religious places such as churches during your holidays in Spain, be prepared to dress accordingly with trousers and closed shoes as it might prevent you from being denied entry.


Have a small Spanish Language book handy

No habla Espaniol? Well in some cases you might be in trouble as most Spanish people outside touristy areas don’t speak more than completely basic English. So in order to save you the trouble of asking for directions and getting lost or ordering something at a local restaurant that you didn’t intend to, bring a basic Spanish language book along to help you communicate with the locals. In most cases a new and interesting acquaintance is just a Hola away, so take the chance of meeting local people and you might get the best company for showing you around during your holidays in Spain!


Don’t forget to top up before you leave

Amongst the most basic scenarios is losing your company on a night out and relying on what’s left of your phone credit and ridiculous roaming charges to find them. Make sure to top up your phone before you leave and have an eye out for international charges and deals that might make your life and communication easier. Make your holidays in Spain a memory to cherish by staying safe and aware of your family and friends because nobody likes being left alone and unsecure in a foreign country.

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