5 Beleraric Delicacies to tingle your tastebuds during your Holidays in Majorca!

Holidays in Majorca Beleraric  Tastes

The sunny and warm Mediterranean island of Majorca is famed for its white sand beaches, medieval landmarks and luxurious hotels, attracting a large number of tourists each year. Being a part of Spain though gives it the unavoidable and oh so tasty feat of also having a great cuisine! Since holidays in Majorca never last long enough, we have compiled 5 of the essential local dishes and produce that you absolutely have to try when you visit! Most of the treats on offer can also be brought back home for refreshing your memory of your holidays in Majorca!

Maó cheese

Amongst the most famous produce of Majorca is Maó cheese. Resembling parmesan or grana Padano with its hard texture and spicyness, it is used widely in a variety of local dishes as its spicy flavours combine well with pasta, rice or vegetable dishes. If you are a foodie or wine enthusiast, be sure to bring some back home as it is a perfect assortment to the richness of flavours provided by Balearic wines when served traditionally, sprinkled with some pepper, tarragon and olive oil.

Holidays in Majorca Beleraric  Tastes


This delicious and spicy pork sausage is usually produced during the festive rites for the coming of autumn also known as Matanza and is flavoured with sweet or hot paprika. Be sure to try it during your holidays in Majorca and bring some back with you as its spicy temperament is perfect for sandwiches and vegetable dishes if you wish to add a bit of meat to your ratatouille or grilled peppers. Serve it in thin slices along some Maó cheese and accompany your vino in the traditional Majorcan way!


Of course no Majorcan food guide would have been complete without the addition of the traditional and fulfilling Caldereta! Caldereta or lobster stew is made by fresh locally sourced lobster boiled in a tomato, onion, garlic and parsley sauce that will certainly tempt you to go for a second plate! However if you want to taste this dish in its absolute goodness you have to book your holidays in Majorca during spring or summer as the regulations only allow lobster fishing during the period of March to August.

Easter Pasties

If you happen to be around Majorca during Easter (which we hugely recommend by the way) you have the chance to try the traditional Easter pasties that make up for a tasty treat for any time of the day. The most traditionally served are Robiols which are pastries stuffed either with cottage cheese or jam, giving you a great tasting palette of flavours to choose from. If you are more into savoury pasties make sure to try the delicious Panadas, stuffed with peas and cottage cheese.



Last but definitely not least we absolutely have to mention the all time favourite Ensaïmades! This traditional treat is a sweet pastry made from flour, water, eggs, mother dough, sugar and reduced pork lard called saïm and it is a definite must try with its sweet and soft texture being a perfect accompaniment to your breakfast, coffee or afternoon tea. If you like it make sure to keep some space in your luggage to include a box of Ensaïmades and bring the sweet taste of your holidays in Majorca back home with you. In all a surely worthy investment!

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