Holidays in Lanzarote: Crafted by volcanos and enjoyed by thousands

Holidays in Lanzarote

Arid Lanzarote is one of the volcanically formed Canary Islands off the coast of West Morocco. Well known for its year-long good weather and magnificent beaches, the volcanic landscape has a lot more to offer if you decide to visit. In this Article we take a few moments to explore five of the most interesting things to do during your holidays in Lanzarote keeping you relatively off the beaten path and providing you with some marvelous sights during your stay. If you ever get tired of sunbathing on any of the sunny beaches the island is known for, rest assured that our guide will reward you with some of the most amazing sights!

Jameos Del Agua

Crafted by volcanos, Lanzarote is home to one of the most impressive volcanic tube systems incorporating the largest submerged volcanic tube in the world, also known as The tunnel of Atlantis. The Jameos Del Agua makes good use of the natural goods as it houses a concert hall, restaurant, night club and pool incorporated into the imposing darkness of the caverns and it is a sight to behold while you enjoy your time with the provided amenities. Sip your cocktail or enjoy your dinner while listening to the live music acts and take it all in as this is a spectacle only reserved for your holidays in Lanzarote.

Holidays in Lanzarote

Cueva De Los Verdes

Want to come in touch with your inner paleontologist? Formed around 1000BC and Placed next to the above-mentioned Jameos Del Agua, the Cueva De Los Verdes volcanic tube is a marvelous natural sight in itself. Enter through the naturally formed hole or Jameo on the top of the tube and discover the magical atmosphere that nature and ambient lighting provide. The cave system is large and you can explore two of the total 7.5km of length on foot examining the unique collection of stalagmites and stalactites that this natural wonder has to offer. The local and unique albino crabs also make their appearance around the caves so you have to have an eye out to see them in their natural habitat. Make the most of your holidays in Lanzarote by keeping a day on the side to visit and you won’t be disappointed!


Fundación César Manrique

If you want to take a break and enjoy one of the best architectural landscapes the island has to offer, the Fundación César Manrique is a sight you certainly have to visit. César Manrique, a famous painter, sculptor and architect from Lanzarote used the volcanic landscape in order to build a house that would transform into one of the best sights around. Using five volcanic bubbles as rooms and housing a magnificent pool with high palm trees surrounding it, the Fundación César Manrique is a museum devoted to the life and art of César Manrique himself as well as his private art collection. If you are an avid art fan or you just want to get informed about his life and enjoy this beautiful house, you would be well advised to visit and make your holidays in Lanzarote artistic and even more memorable!


Jardin De Cactus cactus forest.

Keep your eyes peeled and your children close because this beautiful garden might sting! Built in 1991 and designed by the renowned architect and artist César Manrique in a former quarry, its main aim is to blur the boundaries between architecture and nature by incorporating over a thousand species of cactus to the volcanic scenery successfully. Take a stroll through the beautifully designed terraces and enjoy the wide variety of blooming cacti on offer. The restored on-site windmill can provide a bit of shade and stunning views of the garden and the incorporated restaurant serves great food for good value. A must see during your holidays in Lanzarote for gardeners and non-gardeners alike!


Castillo De San Gabriel

Pirates beware! The mighty small castle of San Gabriel mainly known as Castillo De San Gabriel has its cannons and stone walls ready and awaits! A main attraction of Lanzarote, the Castillo De San Gabriel was built in its current form during the 16th century as a means of fortifying the island from Berber pirate attacks. Housing a small ethnographic museum, the castle is built on a small islet accessible on foot or by car over a small bridge decorated with cannonballs. Take advantage of your holidays in Lanzarote to enjoy the magnificent city and ocean views from the top of the fortifications and feel like a medieval knight!

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