Cheap holidays in Ibiza: 5+1 tips for living it up on a budget, Mediterranean style!

Cheap Holidays in Ibiza

As most visitors will attest, Ibiza is the sunny clubbing capital of Europe. However as flocks of tourists swarm on the island during high season it isn’t exactly the cheapest place to be. The megaclubs and activities on offer are various and far beyond and you can blow remarkable budgets away without even noticing. That is if you don’t have a plan! How to have cheap holidays in Ibiza you say? The solutions are numerous and besides getting sponsored or robbing a bank, we give you the 5+1 top sun baked and proven ways to live the party your way without becoming totally broke!


The all-time student favourite can save you from a gaping hole in your wallet. Take a stroll around local supermarkets and shops and get into the party spirit for cheap! A 1lt bottle of San Miguel for 2 euros sounds really tempting when a bottle of Bud costs at least 10 in any megaclub. Moreover you can predrink and organise your action plan for the upcoming night. Who said that this can’t be entertaining in its own right?


Buy club tickets in advance

Club entry is one of those things that you have to pay for anyway so why not try to save as much as you can beforehand? Entry offers and event timelines are always available online so you can get informed and get your earlybird tickets while they last. If you want to party and still have cheap holidays in Ibiza this will definitely help as you can save up to half the price of normal entry fees and have a starting schedule on which you can later improve upon as well.


Buy food from supermarkets or eat locally

We all know how expensive eating out can get but why not try your hand at making your food yourself? Local supermarkets have all the necessary goods on offer from baguettes for sandwiches to caviar for the more luxury inclined. If however you are afraid of setting fire to your competitively priced apartment you can always be on the lookout for local tapas bars that serve beer and food for prices that won’t have you breaking the bank. In all, eating at the local shops can provide you with some of the best local food and you can make acquaintances with local people. Stay away from the tourist traps and get a real taste of Mediterranean food while keeping your budget tight!

Speak to workers

Who to know to be in the know? Of course the workers! You can always meet people working at the clubs on the beach, in restaurants or even the bus stop. Do not hesitate to make contacts because one of the best ways of having cheap holidays in Ibiza is to play along with the human element and who knows? You might get invited to some of the best parties for free!

Disco Buses

One of the things that can easily throw your budget out of balance is transfer. Travelling to and from places by taxi isn’t exactly cheap and local buses are in operation until 7 in the morning during the summer season. Predrink on your way, make contacts and get the grooves going before you hit the parties!


Free Activities

In any case Ibiza is a wonderful place to be and being on a Mediterranean island has a lot of perks in its own right! Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and explore the less visited beaches because that’s where you can find some hidden gems! The picturesque small villages around the island are friendly and cheap to visit and you are certainly up for some good fun if you explore them. Visit the Dalt Villa and the Ibiza Old Town and enjoy the views on offer while keeping your holidays in Ibiza cheap!

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