Holidays in Canaries: 5 Traditional Dishes that will have you craving for more!

Holidays in Canaries Traditional Dishes

One thing goes without saying.. Spanish food is delicious! If you have happened to travel or eat locally in the Spanish mainland you are sure to have left with some fond memories! The traditional tapas and paellas are all the rage with tourists and locals alike and many of those dishes have been appropriated accordingly and entered the English lifestyle as well. However if you are looking for the next culinary discoveries why not have a look and book for holidays in the Canaries? Those small volcanic islands are sure to surprise you with the distinct tastes and flavours that go along with the positive and warm climate!

Fish Dishes

First and foremost the advantage of being on an island in the Atlantic waters offers endless possibilities and variety of fresh fish to choose from. Try the local Sama Frita con Mojo Verde or fried halibut with green sauce. That dish is guaranteed to tickle your taste buds with its spiciness and freshness and makes up for a healthy and fulfilling meal that you can enjoy for dinner. The Sanocho Canario is as the name suggests a traditional must-eat during your holidays in Canaries with its rich texture comprising of fresh fish, potatoes and flavoured with paprika and cumin.

Meat dishes

As with most of Spain, meat based dishes are abundant and healthy to the fullest. Enjoy the traditional casserole dishes accompanied by locally produced potatoes and legumes and you are likely to want to learn how to cook them yourself once your holidays in Canaries are over! One of the Canarian favourites is the Caldereta, a tasty, rich casserole dish made with lamb, beef or goat and flavoured with tomato, chili and olives and combine it with a local red wine or beer for the ultimate experience.

Holidays in Canaries Traditional Dishes

Tropical Fruits and desserts

Well known for their local variety of small and tasty bananas, the Canary Islands also provide a multitude of other tropical fruit that grows locally such as guava, mango and papaya. The traditional Platanos Fritos or fried bananas are can be enjoyed throughout the islands and make up for a nutritious and tasty treat to complement your dinner.  Enjoy a fresh and rich smoothie or a fruit salad made by local produce and you are guaranteed to savour a sweet and fruity delight that will cool you off!

Veggie Delights

The tasty options are not limited to meat eaters as the local cuisine provides with a wide culinary palette for vegetarians to choose from! The most enjoyed local dish Papas Arrugadas or wrinkled potatoes is a salty companion to most of the dishes on offer that can also be enjoyed by itself with the spicy accompaniment of a spicy mojo picon or a strong and tasty mojo verde flavoured with coriander and cumin. Another veggie treat is the Potaje de Berros, a hotpot made with chickpeas, potatoes and corn and flavoured with a spicy mix that you will adore!

So there you have it! The local varieties of foods and sweets are always tempting and fresh so you would be well advised to book your next holidays in Canaries and try them out for yourself! You will be well amazed at the tastes you might discover!

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