5 “secret” beaches guaranteed to tickle your fancy during your Holidays in Tenerife!

Holidays in Tenerife

Being a widely touristy place, Tenerife caters to almost every kind of traveler. From family holidays to the more adventurous types amongst us who like to push the envelope in watersports, there is a suitable beach for everyone! Counting 400 km of beaches all around, Tenerife is sure not to disappoint by providing with both black and white sand beaches, beach clubs, beach resorts and of course more secluded beaches where calmness and peacefulness are the main attributes. In general there are beaches and beaches that people go for during their holidays in Tenerife, so in this article we take you off the beaten path to some of the most amazing and calm beaches that you have to visit if you want to relax and maybe meditate to the gentle sound of the waves splashing around you.


Playa Bollullo

If you happen to be on the northern part of the island near the Orotava Valley region, this famous beach is relatively hard to get to as it’s only accessible on foot but hugely rewarding! The black sand is inviting to the ones who venture towards it and frothy waves splash quietly away from most of the usual chatter and noise associated with the most touristy beaches such as the ones right next to resorts. One of this beach’s main traits is that despite it being relatively off the beaten path, there is a restaurant serving fresh food right by the seashore to satisfy your hunger after a long time swimming and sunbathing. Keep some time on your schedule to visit during your holidays in Tenerife and you won’t be disappointed!

El Puertito

This beach, situated close to Armeñime provides a peaceful ambience to the ones who visit and it is probably the less secluded of the beaches in our list as it has some restaurants and cafes closeby which will cater to any need that you might have in relation to eating and drinking during your day. If you don’t mind the rocks close to the shore and be a bit careful, the water is usually friendly for swimming or other activities and the quiet and typical island setting will have you want to visit again during your next holidays in Tenerife.

El Socorro

Surfers rejoice! If you are into activities that require wind and wave breaks then this beach is for you! Located on the coast between Puerto de la Cruz and San Juan de la Rambla, this sandy stretch of volcanic beach is the perfect setting to relax, swim and bring your surfing skills up to par. Known amongst locals and surfers alike, El Socorro is home to many competitions around the year and provides for a lively and friendly scenery if you happen to be around during those times of the year.

Playa Las Arenas

If you want to enjoy the feeling of complete freedom, then this beach is certainly going to satisfy you. A white sand beach, the Playa las Arenas is a peaceful place great for exploring as there are quite a few rock pools around that you can dip into and peaceful waves good for bodyboarding. The massive amounts of free parking space along the beach make up for a very accessible albeit off the beaten path option and the nearby stand will supply you with anything that you might need such as bottled water and snacks.


Last but not least, aimed at the hardcore explorers amongst us or at those who aim at achieving the ultimate seclusion on a magnificent white sand beach, Masca is a definite yes during your holidays in Tenerife! However in order to reach that beach you have to be determined as the closest spot of civilization is a three hour hike or a 15 minute boat ride away from Los Gigantes. Despite all that scary stuff though you can reserve a day off of your holidays in Tenerife to go check it out for yourself! The endless sand and ocean views are definitely a worthy sight reserved for the few willing visitors who want to make a full day trip to enjoy a picnic and relax with the sole company of the ocean waves and the occasional visitors who came for the same reasons!

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