Holidays in Spain: 5 tips to help you fly comfortably

Holidays in Spain: 5 tips to help you fly comfortably

So the time has come and you have decided to spend your holidays in Spain. Traveling always brings a certain amount of worry on the hotel you booked, the condition of the weather, catching planes on time when you’re bound to a sun chair etc. However one minor thing that can make a world of difference to starting your holidays in the right mood is making your flight enjoyable. Since you have to be tied to a seat of a metal box for at least three hours before you reach civilization and the internet again, things might get quite boring. Of course the joy of flying rests in a big part on the destination and activities planned ahead and includes the “ohmygodIwanttogettothebeachasap” factor but sometimes flights can get tedious. As such we present you with our top tips for making your flight enjoyable and comfortable so sit back, read and plan ahead to make your next flight the best one yet!

Tip 1: Noise cancelling headphones

Tired of your or other people’s children whining on the plane? Trying to get some sleep during the flight because it departed at 6am? Trying to avoid the annoying person next to you who insists on starting a conversation about their favourite pub? Well if you have a set of noise cancelling headphones you certainly have at least one less thing to worry about. A good set of earphones provides you with the well-deserved isolation you might crave during an early start or a return flight with your head about to explode from the last sunny hangover.


Tip 2: Inflatable Neck Pillows

Need we say much more? Inflatable pillows were invented for a reason and that reason definitely is making your flight more comfortable and thus more enjoyable. If you are amongst the lucky few who can concentrate enough to sleep on an airplane full of enthusiastic people on their way to a holiday in Spain then this gadget is a definite must have. As an added bonus it’s portable enough and it can save you from a bad neck cramp if you can indeed get some sleep so it’s amongst the top travel gadgets that you can make use of while flying.


Tip 3: Bring your own snacks

Say that you are on a limited budget or you just don’t like the overpriced and usually dull airplane food. The solution is simple. Always buy your own snacks before you board and save some money towards your actual holidays in Spain. Bring your favourite crisps and snacks along and savour some of the taste of home while on your way to the sunny coasts!


Tip 4: Charge all your electrical appliances beforehand

It goes without saying that bringing your favourite appliances onboard can provide you with hours of fun and make your flying time seem shorter while you grind away on fruit ninja or minecraft. Load your kindle with the books you want to read and have at it while you fly to the beach. However, the only problem is that all that fun is battery powered and as such it needs recharging so make a note to self before you fly and charge all the electric appliances that you plan on using onboard. If you are inclined to playing a bit more than your battery can handle, you can always bring a travel charger along that utilizes AAA batteries so that your favourite tablet, smart-phone or kindle doesn’t run out of juice after surpassing your high score.

Tip 5: Bring a sweater along

Having your holidays in Spain usually means warm and friendly weather and a t-shirt and shorts or a short skirt will usually suffice to keep you dressed enough. However sometimes things in high altitudes tend to get a bit chilly so don’t forget to keep a sweater or a scarf handy in case things get a bit cold during your flight.

In all, being prepared for your flight might save you a few annoying hours spent in the confines of a plane in high altitude and will certainly make your trip that much more enjoyable. So before you fly to the next costa, take some time to provide for yourself and your family by taking the above tips into account and make your flight one of the nicest parts of your holidays in Spain!

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