Our top 5 tips for your first-time holidays in Jamaica

The sunny, tropical and laid-back Jamaica is an all-time favourite destination! Most tour guides revolve around the amazing beaches and sights on the island, however some things are to be taken into account before travelling. In this article we present you with our top 5 tips for enjoying your holidays in Jamaica fully and avoiding some of the usual nuances that might occur during your stay if you are otherwise unprepared.

Holidays in Jamaica

Bug spray

Having a great, sunny and warm tropical climate, Jamaica is perfect for spending your day at the beach or exploring the stunning natural scenery around the island. That same set of traits however makes the numbers of bugs flying around even larger so if you don’t want to suffer from mosquito or gnat bites, it would be advisable that you buy some bug repellant spray and stick to using it during your holidays in Jamaica

Exchange rates

As with most vacations aboard, holidays in Jamaica require that you exchange your hard-earned currency for the local Jamaican Dollar since other currencies are usually not accepted outside of tourist resorts. If you decide to exchange large amounts of money before you travel, always keep an eye out for the exchange rates because a small difference in exchange rates might make a big difference in your pocket.


The birthplace of the Rastafarian movement, Jamaica is home to abundant plantations of good quality cannabis. The locals will easily approach you in most areas and ask you if you want some “ganja”, however be wary in case you are tempted as contrary to popular belief, cannabis is still illegal in Jamaica. We surely believe you shouldn’t risk going through the whole ordeal of getting arrested or even worse falling victim to local drug crime.

Watch the road

If you decide to rent a car you need to be doubly cautious as the Jamaican roads require precision, open eyes and a bit of luck to navigate. The danger mainly comes in the form of huge potholes, animals and people jumping on the road at any given moment or huge lorries predisposed to playing “chicken” with any driver who doesn’t give way. So if you decide to discover Jamaica by car and wouldn’t like to hire a driver be prepared to go slower than usual and keep your eyes peeled!


Kingston Town is the capital of Jamaica and the largest city on the island. However, it would be advised that if you don’t have relatives or other serious reasons to visit you could take a pass and visit another place if you want to play it totally safe during your holidays in Jamaica. The main reason for avoiding Kingston is not pricing or remoteness rather than the ever rising crime rate. If you feel brave enough though you could always go for it and discover the wonderful blue mountains surrounding the area or get in touch with your Rasta side and visit the Bob Marley museum!

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