Our favourite 5 tips for cheap holidays in Tenerife: Make the most of the sun on a budget.

Cheap Holidays in Tenerife

Is your budget tight? Then why not go for cheap holidays in Tenerife? As a sunny destination, Tenerife is generally more affordable in comparison to the Mediterranean islands but at the same time all that fun and maybe more, if you make good use of your hard earned money! In this guide we present you with our favourite tips on saving and working on your tan while having sunny, cheap holidays in Tenerife!

Travelling in a group

Because being on a budget doesn’t mean having a bad time or travelling alone. In most cases groups benefit from better prices as the cost is shared and certain restaurants and museums offer group deals that could cut cost in half as well. If you plan on exploring the island it would be better to rent a car as running costs and fees can also be shared in addition to being able to explore further.

Free entry

Some museums offer free entry on certain days which could also cut costs if you already planned to visit. In case you want to spend a day out for free and enjoy the magnificent scenery, the Teide national park is an imposing sight which is also open to the public for free.

Eat Local

In order to cut costs a bit when eating out, have an eye out for local tapas bars which instead of the usual eateries aimed at tourists are cheaper but nonetheless delicious and fulfilling. In case you decide to cut costs even further you can always make your own sandwiches with fresh and tasty materials on offer by any local supermarket.


If you decide to go on a night out without breaking the bank you can always return to the uni student favourite of pre-drinking. You can cut on costs massively by buying cheaper alcohol than usual on a night out and why not, get in the party mood before you go out. After all a great night out doesn’t have to be expensive!

Book early

Looking for cheap holidays in Tenerife? Then book now or as soon as you can because rates usually go up the closer you get to your travel date. Moreover try to avoid high season not only because the island gets cramped with tourists but because more visitors mean higher demand, thus higher prices.

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