A traveller’s guide to the most popular Spanish beers

Spanish Beers

Spain is amongst the biggest beer producers in the world and if the taste of Spanish food is something to go by, then the Spanish have certainly got it right! Home to numerous exquisite breweries, Spain has lots to offer from stout to IPA, guaranteed to tickle your fancy for the all favourite alcoholic beverage regardless of preference. However, since holidays in Spain never last forever, you have to look around in order to enjoy some of the most popular beers the country has to offer!

Estrella Damm Inedit

A new player in the game of beer, the Estrella Damm Inedit is definitely something to try on your holidays in Spain! Brewed by the renowned Catalan chef Ferran Adrià, this intense and highly aromatically complex brew is a perfect accompaniment to seafood and light tapas. Achieving its rich flavour by combining barley malt with zesty orange peel, liquorice, hops and coriander, this fruity and spicy beer packs a gentle albeit vivid explosion of flavour!


Alhambra reserva 1925

As its bottle suggests, this is a special one! The Alhambra Reserva 1925 is a great beer produced in Granada using the traditional brewing methods in order to bring a full palette of flavours that will satisfy even the more demanding drinkers. Presented with a relatively high ABV of 6.8% and a full bodied taste, this beer packs a definite but gentle punch so consume responsibly.


Naparbier Potemkin

Amongst the most exquisite beers the country has to offer, this highly rated cerveza really is something connoisseurs and regular tourists alike should try during their holidays in Spain. Its dark colour and tan foam cannot prepare you enough for the tasty explosion that follows after the first sip! Full bodied and relatively bitter with a roasty disposition combining dark cocoa powder and a roasty tartness, the addition of sweet liquorice and caramel flavours balance it out and make the Naparbier Potemkin a must-try!


Moritz (Barcelona)

There are numerous reasons why you should organise your next holidays in Spain and more specifically Barcelona! The rich history, culture and stunning settings provided are a definite magnet for tourists and what a better way to enjoy a nice sunny afternoon than an ice cold cerveza! The Moritz brewery, founded 150 years ago in the Raval district, makes the pilsner lager that encompasses the spirit of Barcelona! Light golden colour with thick white foam, this beer is a typical light and slightly sweet lager which can be enjoyed throughout the day. The ABV is 5.4% making it slightly stronger than most lagers but its fruity taste and mild temperament are friendly for all drinkers.


Cerveceria de Canarias Dorada Especial

If your road brings you by the Canaries, the sunny Spanish archipelago is home to a local brewery producing some tasty beers worthy of mention. Of those, the Dorada Especial stands out as the favourite of Tenerife with its light and fizzy temperament sometimes complemented by the addition of gaseosa, a lightly carbonated soda and it is a perfect accompaniment to a warm day under the sun when served ice cold.

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