Enjoy the local produce of Tenerife and get a fresh taste of the Canaries!

Tenerife local produce

As well known, Tenerife is home to fantastic beaches, sunny and friendly weather all year long as well as some of the most amazing local produce. The Atlantic Ocean offers a wide variety of fresh fish, transformed through the local temperament and tradition into some of the best dishes served in Europe and holidays to Tenerife are a great opportunity to savour the Spanish cuisine! Food however is only one thing as the local breweries offer magnificent beer and wines as well, sure to quench your thirst and cool you down after a long day under the sun!


Mojos are traditional sauces that accompany local dishes and as such they are a perfect match to fish, potatoes or anything in between. The most common varieties are mojo verde or ‘green sauce’ made mainly with parsley and coriander which provides a sweet kick to most of the traditional dishes or mojo rojo (red sauce) that combines the fiery goodness of chili and cumin and is a must try for the brave who prefer spicy. Recipes might vary according to each chef or cook but the main ingredients remain the same, making the mojos one of the things you have to go for when eating out on your holidays to Tenerife.

Papas Arrugadas

Simple but delicious and versatile, papas arrugadas is a traditional Tenerife favourite which can accompany any dish you throw at it. This is a staple to try if you’re planning for holidays to Tenerife and as such you have to be ready. For this dish, potatoes are boiled in salted water and sprinkled with a gentle amount of salt afterwards. Accompanied by your favourite mojo this is a fulfilling dish on its own, thoroughly enjoyed with your main course and the addition of a nicely chilled Dorada Especial on the side!


What could be more traditional to an island than the venerable fish dishes! The Atlantic Ocean offers great varieties and quantities of tasty fresh fish, prepared with local ingredients into some of the tastiest culinary combinations. Parrot fish and sea bream are two of the most used fish on the island of Tenerife, complementing almost any fish restaurant’s menu! For the more adventurous eaters, dogfish and other species are always on offer so you can always pick and choose from the species that you like the most!


The volcanic soil along with constant sunshine throughout the year, provide some of the best conditions for vineyards to grow in. This and the local expertise throughout the years help in making Tenerife’s wines a distinctive and tasty treat to aficionados and regulars alike. If you want a real taste of Tenerife, the Suertes del Marqués vineyards provide some of the best tasting wines grown locally. A perfect way to accompany your meal or get in the mood for a great night out during your holidays to Tenerife!


The people of Tenerife have a strong preference to beer which you will almost certainly witness for yourselves if you plan your next holidays to Tenerife. The local Dorada brewery is home to some of the finest local beer which is highly sought after in mainland Spain and other countries as well. Usually served in ice cold glasses straight from the freezer, Dorada is a perfect accompaniment to any time of the day and the oh so tasty tapas!

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