5 tips for organising one of the best weekend breaks to Benidorm!

Weekend to Benidorm

Say that you decide to embark on a weekend adventure on a sunny setting with loads of activities to choose from. Say that Benidorm happens to tick all the boxes but your time is limited. What do you do? Well the answer is simple because if you follow our guide you will certainly have 5 ways to organise a weekend break to Benidorm, getting rid of your everyday stress and working on your tan on the way while avoiding some of the most common annoyances!

Organise your Schedule

If you plan for a weekend break to Benidorm, the activities on offer are guaranteed to take up all your time, so since you have a limited amount of it on your disposal you should spend it wisely. The first step is to decide roughly what you want to do before you visit and book tickets in order to save time and money. Try to organise your schedule effectively by cutting on commuting times, so if you happen to like an attraction far from the main city it would be better to save it for another visit.

Pack only the necessary

Since you will be travelling for a maximum of three days there’s no need to pack half your wardrobe. Try to stay close to the essentials and bring a scarf or heavier clothes along during the winter months as the weather might get chilly. This might also save you the extra fees that may occur by paying for a suitcase. That said you can always take advantage of the warmer weather to avoid bringing really heavy or furry coats that might take up space. After all friends or family back home might ask for souvenirs!

Stay close to the action

Of course Benidorm has wonderful hotels and resorts, but if you decide to visit for a limited amount of time such as a weekend break to Benidorm then there are other variables that you have to take into account. An important and sometimes overseen detail is your accommodation’s location. It would be great to check in at an all-inclusive resort outside of town, as the commodities will certainly cover you for a couple of days. Nevertheless, if you really want to get a proper taste of Benidorm and especially on a strict timeline, it would be best if you booked somewhere closer to the action.

Don’t drink too much

We all know that a night out in Benidorm might be one to remember for a long time to come, however try to avoid ‘Hangover’ type partying as things might turn sour. Yes, the night might be long and the spirits high, however the fact that you have limited time and that you will probably have to return to your desk the Monday after won’t make a hangover or headache enjoyable. Instead try to get some sleep and wake up early in order to seize the day sunbathing and exploring instead of sleeping in.

Take care of hotel checkout times

So you’ve had a wonderful time during your weekend break to Benidorm and it’s time to head back home. In order to avoid any last minute headaches, make sure to check for your accommodation’s checkout times as it could be a pain having to haul your luggage around for the remaining 6 hours to your flight on a Sunday. Most of the hotels and apartments will charge extra if you decide to stay for more than the allowed time so try to plan ahead and arrange your accommodation fee for half a day extra if necessary.

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