5 of the most important sights worthy of a visit during your holidays in Spain!

Sights in Spain

In its whole, Spain is a magnificent country full of stunning natural sceneries, golden sandy beaches and sights to behold. As the views on offer are various and spread throughout the country, having to choose some of them is a hard feat in itself as we would need a whole book to describe why you should spend your holidays in Spain exploring those sights instead of lazing at one of the beaches the country has to offer.

Mezquita of Cordoba

A significant religious monument, the Mezquita of Cordoba has taken many forms and functions before being used as a tourist site. As the name suggests, the Mezquita site was initially housing a Roman temple which was then turned into a Visigothic church before southern Spain’s occupation by the moors in the middle ages who eventually built a mosque in its place. Wander through the main hall and marvel at the forest of pillars and arches exposing the rich cultural history of a place worthy of a visit during your holidays in Spain.

El Escorial

Built in the 16th century and designed by King Phillip II and Juan Bautista de Toledo, this grand monument signifies Spain’s central role in the Christian world of the middle ages and its structure will have you awestruck! Take a tour around the massive rooms and granite paved hallways and marvel at the history this place has to offer.

Sagrada Familia

One of the most visited tourist attractions in Spain, the world renowned Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is a sight to behold! Started in 1882 by Antoni Gaudi and comprising of a mixture of different architectural styles, this imposing Cathedral is an amalgamation of designs varying through the ages as it is not yet complete. Nonetheless your holidays in Spain would be much less spectacular if you decided not to visit so you are strongly advised to do so and sink in the millions of details and sheer size that give this sight its unique character!


Probably the most stunning village in the province of Valencia, Cuenca is a medieval city built on the sharp rocks of a mountain with its hanging houses providing a spectacle rarely encountered in other places. If you decide to spend your holidays in Spain and more specifically around Madrid or Valencia, then this definitely is a place to put on your schedule!

Sights in Spain

Palacio Real

Last but not in the remotest sense least, the Royal Palace of Spain is a monument not only worthy of mention but a definite must-visit destination! Located in the capital city of Madrid, the Palacio Real is the official residence of the royal family of Spain. Its Majestic walls however do not house the King presently as it is only used as a venue for state receptions and ceremonies. Its 3418 rooms are full of the works of great masters such as paintings and sculptures and the luscious rooms are designed and decorated with some of the finest materials available.

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