Gran Canaria Holidays: 5 local delicacies and produce that will make you want some more!

Gran Canaria Food

In addition to its magnificent weather and stunning shores, Gran Canaria has lots of delicacies on offer for those who would like to delve into the fresh local cuisine! If you are already a fan of tapas, chorizo and tasty Spanish vino, then you are in the right place as the Spanish staples are well represented on the island as well as its own dishes and drinks. Without further ado, here are the must-try delicacies if you want to expand the palette of your taste while on holidays in Gran Canaria.

Caldo de pescado (fish soup)

Even if you are not a massive fan of fish dishes, the Canarian staple caldo de pescado is a culinary explosion! Prepared with fresh sea bass sourced daily from the Atlantic Ocean, this dish is a hearty soup complemented by the addition of garlic, onion, peppers, potatoes slowly cooked with the addition of a tomato sauce. This dish owes its distinctive flavour to a variety of spices such as bay leaves, turmeric and cayenne pepper, accompanied by the freshness of locally grown thyme. Try it in one of the seaside restaurants during your Gran Canaria holidays and you won’t be disappointed!


Sancocho Canario

Also a fish dish, this culinary wonder is broadly enjoyed throughout the Canary Islands and the wonderful Gran Canaria is no different! Prepared with white flesh fish (mostly halibut) this is a fulfilling casserole made with potatoes, garlic and hot peppers and brought to life by the addition of select spices such as cumin, sweet paprika and the sourness of vinegar. Save some time to savour it during your holidays in Gran Canaria and take the recipe home for an alternative to the British favourite fish n’ chips.



As long as desserts are concerned, the Canarian people have it all sorted with the delicious bienmesabe, which is a perfect complement to any meal. The name literally means ‘it tastes good to me’ and how couldn’t it after mixing ground almonds, lemon rind, sugar and eggs into a sweet and creamy concoction! You will definitely come across this one during your holidays in Gran Canaria if you step out of your comfort zone and try a local restaurant and we would highly recommend that you take the step and try it!


Cerveza Tropical

The all favourite beer of Gran Canaria, Tropical is a fine lager beer brewed locally and usually served in an ice cold glass take straight from the freezer. A perfect addition to any time of the day and a great help in cooling you down after a long day under the sun. Combine its fizziness with some freshly made tapas for a light meal guaranteed to make your day!


Ron Miel

Also a local delicacy, Ron Miel or honey rum is produced on the island of Gran Canaria and consumed by everyone according to their own preference. You can find it in market stalls, shops and behind the bar of most restaurants on the island and you can drink it either straight or with the addition of a bit of ice to help you cope with rising temperatures.  If you feel adventurous you can add it to your coffee and make your holidays in Gran Canaria a tad bit more interesting before the bell rings 5 o’clock.

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