Red, White or Rosé? 5 of the best wines Spain has to offer!

Spanish Wines

The sunny and warm climate of Spain makes up for some of the best destinations to visit for your summer holidays. If you pair that however with the fertile Spanish soil, ages long tradition and happy disposition of its residents, you are certainly in for some of the best wines that Europe has to offer. Red, white or rose are represented accordingly and this make having holidays in Spain the perfect excuse to try some of the best vinos the country produces. We know it’s hard to make distinctions as great wines from Spain are many, nonetheless we shall try to provide you with a small insight into some of the best!

Dominio De Pingus

The praise this wine receives will never be enough! One of the best wines Spain has to offer, this Tinto Fino red wine is produced in Ribera del Duero, combining a great amount of expertise and innovation. Aged in French Oak barrels and grown organically, this cult wine is amongst the most expensive and rare the country has to offer. This masterpiece is something that you might come by difficultly during your holidays in Spain but rest assured that if you do, you’ll certainly want to taste it. Its full body and outstanding palette of flavours makes it amongst the few wines that we would suggest with our eyes closed!


Numanthia Termanthia Toro

Hailing from the northwestern Toro region in Spain, this fruity red wine is a punch full of flavours! Made from old and ungrafted Tinto de Toro grapes, this vino is certainly something you have to look for if you are a wine enthusiast! The aging process occurs in 100% new French Oak barrels thereby giving it a complex, yet highly detailed taste full of flavour. Its taste resembles of ripe red and black fruits, blessed by the spiciness of cedar, nutmeg and black pepper and complemented with the sweetness of liquorice and truffle. It might be quite expensive but definitely worth it as most lucky individuals to have tasted it will agree.


Xarlel-lo 2007

Despite being mostly known for its flavourful reds; Spain is also home to some of the best white wines in Europe. Xarlel-lo 2007 happens to be amongst the top offerings of Spain when it comes to white vino and rightly so! Its light gold colour is representative of its distinctive taste which is nutty, peachy with a strong taste of pear complemented by the scents of toffee, beeswax and toasted nuts. Its slow-building acidity and dryness packs a flavourful punch which rounds off its nutty and citrusy character. Certainly a wine to go for during your holidays in Spain as it can be a perfect accompaniment to fish dishes or selections of locally produced cheeses and tapas in general.


Amalia Malvasia Seco

Who said that Lanzarote is only home to tourist resorts? This volcanic island produces some of the best tasting wines Spain has to offer and one of the most representative is the Amalia Malvasia Seco by Bodegas Rubicon. Made by hand-picked, organically grown grapes, this dry white is hey yellow with a golden tint which signifies its clean and bright character. Its taste and character is intense and tropical, complemented by the aroma of white flowers which leaves a long lasting and rich aftertaste in the mouth. The freshness of its character is something to try along with fish or poultry and even alone with the accompaniment of a cheese selection. Definitely a great wine to cool down during your holidays in Spain.


R. Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia Rosado 2000 – 2006

The bodega Lopez de Heredia Rosado is a rosé wine that has to be tasted to be appreciated in its fullest! Long said that the best vintage was produced in 2000, the next batch of 2006 vintage will be introduced this year. We know that 10 years of waiting is quite a bit of time but if its flavour is something to go by, this vino is well worth the wait. This 10-year-old rosé is a complex and fresh wine which will certainly have you craving for more. Its colour is straw orange and its taste is a fruity bouquet complemented with the bitterness of almonds and hazelnuts which makes up for a great tasting experience with a long lasting flavour. It’s refined nature and ample character, make this wine on of our favourites on the list and it is certainly one more to keep an eye out for during your next holidays in Spain.

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