Family Holidays in the Dominican Republic vs Family holidays in Cancun: Both exotic but who wins? Here is the answer!

Family Holidays in the Dominican Republic

Looking for exotic destinations to visit with family isn’t as easy as it initially seems. On one hand, the Majestic beaches, ruins and cenotes of Cancun, on the other the tropical, Caribbean goodness and stunning looks of the Dominican Republic. Say that you would like to visit both but realistically you only have the funds to do one. Which one do you choose? Choosing the ideal family holiday destination is not easy and the volume of information about both is simply too much to digest. Ideally we would advise you to follow your gut but in order to give it more of a reason to choose one destination over the other, here are the reasons and most possibly the answer to this mind boggling question. Family holidays in Cancun or Family holidays in the Dominican Republic?


Both destinations have a wide array of unspoilt and organised resort beaches to choose from and this makes the competition fire up instantly. Choose to have your family holidays in the Dominican Republic and Caribbean sceneries take centre stage with palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze adorned with soft white sand and shallow waters, ideal for small children. The Yucatan peninsula on the other hand of which Cancun is a part, has both an exquisite Caribbean coast and an Atlantic Ocean coast to choose from, expanding your options significantly.


Family Attractions

The family attractions for both destinations are well varied and all spectacular. From the extremely fun Sirenis Aquagames waterpark in the Dominican Republic to the history oriented and unique Xcaret in Cancun, the choice remains yours. The usual watersports such as snorkeling, sailing, jet skiing and windsurfing are all well represented with a selection of rentals to choose from. However, family holidays in Cancun have the added treat of visiting the unique underwater museum if you are a fan of diving. Regardless of your inclination both have magnificent history, with Cancun being host to some of the most amazing ancient ruins worldwide, whereas Dominican Republic incorporating some of the most spectacularly preserved colonial buildings and history into its urban settings.



Nature is where both areas shine spectacularly, each being host to a unique set of surroundings. Cancun is host to some of the most striking natural sceneries as it incorporates tropical jungles, rivers, waterfalls and the well-known cenotes which are huge underwater cave systems open for exploring and swimming. However, most attractions of this kind are situated further inland from seaside resorts, making visiting them a bit more difficult if you are on a limited time plan and/or budget. Nonetheless, most tours to archeological sites include other excursions to natural monuments which are conveniently placed nearby. Conversely, having family holidays in the Dominican Republic could be proven more beneficial in the short term if you want to see more as most natural attractions such as the waterfalls, caves and nature reserves are situated relatively close to resorts. This helps in visiting unique natural areas easier depending on where you book.



Comparing prices before embarking on a family holiday is always a part of the equation and usually a significant one. Due to its economic efficiency and yearly booking rates, Cancun tends to be a bit higher priced than the Dominican Republic. Bearing in mind the quality of living in the Dominican Republic, prices are cheaper as the economy is steadily developing, keeping most prices outside of the resorts relatively low. Cancun on the other hand is considered to be in a better financial condition as it has long been a tourist destination thereby affecting overall pricing accordingly. Nevertheless, good deals can easily be had outside of peak season, both for family holidays to Cancun and the Dominican Republic respectively.

Family Holidays in Cancun

Concluding, both are magnificent family holiday destinations and both deserve a visit separately in order to judge for yourself. Simplifying things completely, the Dominican Republic is mostly recommended for those looking to have family holidays in an all inclusive resort with stunning beaches, whereas Cancun caters for the more adventurous who like to venture out of their resorts in order to enjoy a wider variety of activities.

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