Family holidays in Spain: Enjoy the best yearly events!

Holidays in Spain

Spain is widely acclaimed as one of the sunniest, friendliest and most culturally diverse countries in Europe if not the world and with a closer look unto its events and festivals it becomes apparent why. If you are planning on family holidays in Spain rest assured that something will be on to keep you and your loved ones entertained, from the Dia de los Reyes to local festivals and cultural happenings. Here are some of the best dates to look at, in order to live some of the most interesting cultural experiences the land of the setting sun has to offer and give your family vacations a local colour!

Dia de los Reyes, Gran Canaria

Amongst the biggest yearly events, the day of the kings or Dia de los Reyes on the 6th of January signifies the day the three wise kings presented their presents to baby Jesus. Celebrated widely throughout Spain, this day is amongst the most vibrant events taking place and for good reason. If you happen to be on family holidays in Spain, this is an event to look at as kids get their presents and the festive spirit is everywhere. One of the best places to be however is the island of Grand Canaria where the Kings ride on camels around town, handing gifts to the crowds gathering around them and the festivities and live music go on until the early morning. Definitely one of the best occasions to be on family holidays in Gran Canaria overall, as the weather is still great and your children will witness something different and spectacular.


San Sebastian Festival, Majorca

The picturesque islands of Majorca and San Sebastian host this spectacular carnival in honour of their patron saint on 19th January, making this an event to cherish if you happen to be on family holidays in Majorca around the day. Hosting a programme full of activities, concerts and exhibitions, this colourful event is something that will keep you and your children occupied and happy. As the evening sets, bonfires are lit throughout the city and celebrations tend to light up. Huge feasts are held in the streets and squares of villages with sobrassada and botifarrons sausages grilled and served all tasty and delicious to the lucky ones to join the festivities.

Las Fallas, Benidorm

Hailing from Valencia and carried to Benidorm from inland migrants, the Las Fallas festival is definitely something not to miss if you book family holidays to Benidorm during March 15-19. Celebrating the carnival king, huge statues are erected with a variety of themes, from Shrek to political leaders, making the streets explode with colour. The festivities taking place are extravagant and the festival comes to an impressive end when bonfires are lit and the statues are set on fire, giving way to celebrations and vibrant parties held until the morning.


San Andres Festival, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

Not necessarily family oriented but nonetheless fancy and noisy, the San Andres festival held traditionally in Puerto de la Cruz, is amongst the events to keep an eye out for if you are on family holidays in Tenerife at the end of November. Specifically held on the 29th of November, this event celebrates tasting the New Year’s wine and revolves around making as much noise as possible. People crowd the streets banging pots and pans and celebrations keep on until the morning, with huge parties that honour the spirit and spirits that Tenerife is proud of.


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