The top 5 romantic holiday Destinations in Europe!

Romantic holidays in Europe

‘Have love, will travel’ as the song goes and judging by the numbers of romantic couples leaving their jobs behind for a short getaway, this couldn’t be more true. The lovely sunsets of Santorini or the irresistible charm of Paris and Venice have long established those destinations as the go to places for lovers looking to celebrate and unwind. Instead of booking a romantic dinner at your local restaurant, booing for a small change of scenery could go a long way towards sparking the flame of your love and if you discover the following places you are about to make a gift that neither of you will forget for years to come.


The city of lovers as often called, Paris is the prime spot for romance and looking at its atmosphere it’s easy to see why. A holiday to Paris is a must for the ones who would like to hold hands walking down the Champs Elysees and dine at the small bistros and cafes nearby with candles lighting the way. The historic and cultural sites such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe will certainly put you in the mood and if they don’t, then a walk through Paris’ picturesque streets itself is enough to make you and your loved one brim with joy.



Lots have been said and written about the romantic canals of Venice since the old days and this Italian spectacle definitely is a city best reserved for the cupid-struck amongst us. Hop on a gondola with your significant other and enjoy the rich sights and history that only Venice can provide. Stroll through the narrow streets and  visit one of the numerous sights this wonderful city has to offer. After all, holidays in Venice were made for lovers and a visit with your loved one will certainly have you want to stay forever!



When we think about the volcanic island of Santorini, romance immediately jumps into mind. Enjoy one of its world famous sunsets overlooking Oia and walk through its narrow streets adorned with bougainvilleas for one of the most romantic getaways in the world. The locally produced wines and food are amongst the best things you could share with your loved one while enjoying the great views all over the island in one of the restaurants perched on its cliffs. Overall, romantic holidays in Santorini are a present that will certainly not be forgotten!

Romantic Holidays in Europe


The capital of the Czech republic is world famous for its stunning views and sights and amongst the best places to visit with your loved one. The historic town centre with its colourful buildings and cathedrals makes for a great place to spend some days away from the routine and light up your love. Take a stroll through the historic city and discover the rich history and sights it has to offer while witnessing a lovely and colourful change of scenery. Whenever you fancy a drink, one of the local bars will treat you with its tasteful variety of beers and the local food will definitely fill you and your other half up. Enjoy your holidays in Prague and make your relationship even more special!



Palaces, cathedrals, history and culture make Budapest an irresistible destination! Visit the Széchenyi thermal bath with your love and give spa a whole new meaning in this historic site. If you are more into classical music and culture, a visit to the opera house is of the essence and the Hungarian parliament building with its complexity and majestic façade is a place definitely worthy of mention. Holidays in Budapest are always a treat and even more so if you happen to visit with your sweetheart and explore its streets and rich history together.

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