Opa! The top 5 cultural holidays in Greece

Cultural Holidays in Greece

Holidays in Greece are always welcome if you are up for some sunshine, food, culture and good times overall. Its great weather and long history along with a wide variety of yearly occasions make cultural holidays in Greece a great opportunity to visit and learn more about its customs and intriguing heritage.

Hellenic Festival

Otherwise called the Athens and Epidaurus festival, this is the utmost Greek cultural event to witness. Carrying on for 56 years, this all-encompassing festival is the ultimate for Greek and foreign artists who dress up and perform in the ancient theatres of Herodion and Epidaurus. Bearing significant history, those ancient theatres possess superb acoustic qualities and have been working for more than 2000 years, hosting the best in Greek and foreign performances. Watch an imposing ancient drama or marvel in the otherworldly acoustics of the theatres while listening to a classical music concert. It would be helpful to bear in mind that tickets usually go fast so it would be advised to book as soon as you book your holidays in Greece.


Sani Festival

This magnificent cultural event, taking place in Sani all inclusive luxury resort in Halkidiki is a must if you are into jazz music and contemporary arts. The festival hosts some of the best acts in jazz, performing arts and theatre, mixing them with its own unique spirit and stunning natural surroundings of Halkidiki. Greece holidays have a lot more to show than the typical tourist sights so make sure you make use of your time to witness this festival and return home with an unforgettable experience.


Philippi Festival

If you happen to be in the picturesque town of Kavala on the northern parts of Greece, make sure you check out the Philippi Festival. Host to a multitude of classical drama acts, local and foreign musicians, the concerts and shows taking place transform the ancient theatre of Philippi into a living organism full of colour, sound and essence. This definitely is an event not to miss if you plan on visiting Kavala or the surrounding areas during your holidays in Greece.


Patras Carnival

Wear your mask and dress up for this wonderful colourful occasion! Taking place in the city of Patras on the west of Greece, the yearly carnival is a cultural event owing its heritage to pagan rituals and more specifically the celebration of the god of feasts, Dionysus. With a history of more than 180 years, this immense carnival is one of the largest in Europe (up to 40000 plus participants) and a spectacular event to participate in for locals and visitors alike! Colourful floats and costumes are king in this festival and the streets of Patras turn into a huge party along its duration. Make your holidays in Greece even more unforgettable and live the Greek party vibe at its finest!

Cultural Holidays in Greece

Santorini Music Festival

Holidays in Santorini are always magical as this volcanic island is one of the best destinations for holidays in Greece if not in Europe overall. Enjoy its marvelous sunset and whitewashed houses perched on the cliffs and join the Santorini International Music Festival for a special experience. World famous contemporary and classical musicians provide for an unforgettable event full of the most resonant musical vibes in a truly unique setting making this an experience to cherish.

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