Hiking in Tenerife: Get in touch with Tenerife’s nature and let out your inner explorer!


Hiking in Tenerife

Tenerife might be known as one of the top beachside destinations and rightly so as its numerous stunning beaches are a spectacle to enjoy. Ranging from black to golden sands, there’s always a place to laze on and enjoy the sunshine and clear waters. However, being host to the highest mountain of Spain, holidays in Tenerife are not only about the beaches. Hiking and cycling could be proven as exciting alternatives to getting burnt by the sun and if you plan on exploring the mainland, Tenerife will have you well covered. In this article we look at some of the best hiking routes and places to stretch your legs on this picturesque volcanic island.

Teide Natural Park

The most well-known attraction in Tenerife, Teide natural park is home to one of the volcanos that started it all! Take a hike through the immense national park and discover routes that range in difficulty from beginner to advanced along otherworldly sceneries. The low vegetation and dry land around the park is home to a multitude of small endemic animals and insects to spot, making this a daytime activity well worthy of your time while on holidays in Tenerife. In case that you want to experience the majestic views stretching to the other Canary Islands, a hike on mount Teide is a must but you have to be well prepared to make the trek to the top if you don’t plan on taking the cable car.


Teno Rural Park

Arguably the most biodiverse hiking spot in Tenerife, the Teno Rural Park is home to 13 separate trails full of exciting sceneries to discover. Looking like an island in an island, Teno was connected to mainland Tenerife through volcanic eruptions which formed it into a distinctive area with ravines and mountain tops surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Straying from the touristy walks around the island, this place is a natural marvel waiting to be explored and well worth a day off the beach to visit during your holidays in Tenerife.


Anaga Mountains

Throw your beach towel and cocktail away and put on your hiking shoes for this spectacular walk into Canarian nature. The Anaga mountain range on the northeastern part of the island is something that has to be walked through to be believed. The rugged mountains and pathways extending high up towards the Canarian sky are bustling with bushes and vegetation. The dramatic views of the area are definitely worth the hike and if you plan on finding complete seclusion you can always set up camp in one of the caves dotting the area.


Cueva del Viento

Titled as the longest volcanic tube in Europe, this cave is a marvellous place to explore during your holidays in Tenerife if you want to learn more about its archeological history. Extending to 11 miles under the surface, the Cueva del Viento or ‘cave of the winds’ is brimming with rock formations, lava terraces and pits to discover. Forged by the rage of lava, the surrounding walls and ceilings are full of buried prehistoric fossils such as species of now extinct giant rats and lizards, along with the remains of some of the first inhabitants of the island, the Guanches.

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