10 of the best cultural monuments in Europe Part 1

European Monuments

Europe has long been amongst the most culturally diverse continents, bustling with history and culture. As a result, each corner has its own cultural monument to show. From the imposing Neuschweinstein castle to the famous leaning tower of Pisa, the following sights bear a significant history and their appearance is definitely something to match!

Eiffel Tower

Nothing has been left unsaid about this spectacular steel tower. Considered as one of the most significant symbols of France, the Eiffel tower was made in 1889 as an attraction to be demolished after its exhibition in the Paris world fair. Despite the initial hate against it, the Parisians have embraced and maintained it, elevating this gigantic steel structure into a symbol known throughout the world. If you are having holidays in Paris this is one of the ultimate sights to see and even if you don’t see it up close, you can witness its sheer stature from most parts of the city.


Arc De Triomphe

Another of the national cultural symbols of France, this wonderful monument was commissioned and completed between 1809 and 1836. Built to commemorate the historic French revolution and etched with the names of fighters and generals who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of France, this arch is amongst the most important monuments in Paris. Definitely a must-see if you plan on holidays to Paris, the Arc de Triomphe is an extravagant historical sight worthy of mention.

European Monuments

Acropolis of Athens

The historic city of Athens has long been revered by civilizations from all across the world and its most prominent monument -that of Acropolis- is a manmade wonder. Nestling on a rock in the centre of the city, this imposing monument is home to the Parthenon, the Propylea, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike which date back to the 5th century BC.  Ancient Greek politician Pericles who is also widely considered as the father of democracy was responsible for their commission and a holiday to Athens is never complete without a visit.

Europe Monuments

Sagrada Familia

A continuously evolving cultural sight brimming with history, the Sagrada Familia is a large cathedral in the city of Barcelona which is considered to be amongst the most important in Europe. Started in 1833 and undertaken by the famous architect Antonio Gaudi until his death, the Sagrada Famila is still a work in progress. However, its unique style ranging from Gothic to Art Nouveau, spectacular size and history have elevated it into one of the most significant cultural monuments to see during your holidays in Barcelona.

European Monuments

Leaning Tower of Pisa

The well-known leaning tower of Pisa is a unique spectacle to see during your holidays in Pisa Completed over a period of 199 years in three stages, the tower is amongst the prime symbols of Italy, attracting huge crowds of visitors each year. Briefly operated as a clock tower during the 14th century and as a watchtower by German Nazi occupation forces, the tower bears a fascinating history, further exaggerated by its wonderful architecture and famous tilt.

European Monuments

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