Holidays in Portugal: Explore some of the best beaches in the country!

Holidays in Portugal

‘Viva Portugal!’ The locals might say and we tend to highly agree! The sunny land of Portugal has long been a famous holiday destination as its friendly temperament, good weather and stunning beaches are amongst the main reasons why. You certainly know someone who has been or will soon be on holidays in Portugal and if you are considering it yourself, rest assured that it is amongst the best choices to make! From the essential seaside resorts of Algarve and Albufeira to the Island of Porto Santo, Portugal has some stunning coasts and it’s up to you to explore them!


Enter Algarve, one of the most visited destinations for beach holidays in Portugal and the reason for this can’t be anything else than its spectacular coastline and islands. Its alluring beaches, imposing cliffs and whitewashed villages, make this region a must visit on our list. The weather is mostly friendly and its relaxed vibe has a bit of everything, from historical sights to natural views and attractions. Pair that with the numerous resorts, bars, clubs and restaurants and you get one of the greatest destinations for holidays in Portugal!

Holidays in Portugal


Also a famous beach destination, Nazaré with its golden sand and bustling life, is amongst the best destinations for beach holidays in Portugal. Situated on the western part of the country and facing the fury of the Atlantic Ocean, this resort town is famous for its waves and as such is a prime destination for watersports such as surfing, windsurfing, and boogie boarding. The hotels, clubs and restaurants on offer will satisfy anyone from thrill seekers to partygoers and families alike, offering a vibrant yet relaxing setting.

Holidays in Portugal


The municipality of Cascais, situated close to Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, is a cosmopolitan resort with some of the best views to go around! The official former resort of Portugal’s royal family, Cascais is home to some of the most amazing golden sand beaches and picturesque settings in Portugal. Mainly catering for the upmarket crowd, the resorts, bars and restaurants around the area have everything you might want and the city in itself is a brimming with character. If you are up for an unforgettable experience for your holidays in Portugal, visit Cascais and let its settings impress you.

Holidays in Portugal

Porto Santo Island

Owing its heritage to the Portuguese explorers roaming the Atlantic Ocean around the 14th century. The easternmost and northernmost island of the Madeira Archipelago, Porto Santo is home to some of the most spectacular beaches of Portugal. If you decide to make it your destination of choice for holidays in Portugal rest assured that you are in for a treat as its unique beaches are rarely seen anyplace else. Home to an unspoilt 5.5-mile white sand beach and dramatic rock formations, Porto Cristo is simply spectacular! Moreover, with a weather similar to the Canaries and free of low temperatures, this is an all year destination for sunny beach holidays.

Holidays in Portugal

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