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Women make the world go round

Women make the world go round

Women Holidays


As the popular song used to say ‘it is a man’s world’ but not anymore, as recent research suggests (source). Speaking about the matter at hand though, travel, women seem to be making all the decisions and possess the spending power to make them happen too. According to research by the Harvard Business Review, women control $15 trillion in purchases. This is quite a formidable amount as it accounts for more than India and China’s growth markets combined. As expected, a large amount of those funds trickles down on travelling expenses decided upon by women as research by suggests. Namely, 80% of travel decisions are made by women regardless of who is paying for the trip, where they go or who they travel with. As such, there has been a huge increase in travel companies devoted to women only travel during the past six years which amazingly surpasses 230%.

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