The absolute staple dishes to try during your holidays in the Dominican Republic


Dominican republic holidays

Booking holidays to the Dominican Republic usually entails tropical beaches, fine sands and lots of fun under the sun. All inclusive resorts and a multitude of restaurants will certainly satisfy your hunger after a long day at the beach by providing any kind of cuisine you might be after. However, the exotic and sunny Dominican Republic is also well endowed with a rich variety of traditional tasty dishes, combining Latin, African, Asian and local influences into a broad palette of flavours. Hard as it is to distinguish amongst the culinary goodness of the Dominican Republic, we have decided to present you with 5 of the most popular and unique dishes this sunny land has to offer.

La Bandera

Literally meaning ‘the Flag’, La Bandera is one of the most available dishes throughout the Dominican Republic and for a good reason. It tastes delicious! This flavourful lunch consists of three main ingredients. Protein comes in the form of braised beef or chicken in a spicy red sauce, carbs are represented with the addition of white rice and all the flavours are bound together with the Dominican favourite habichuelas guisadas or bean stew in tomato sauce. Served along with a fresh salad, this staple dish is fulfilling and a must try plate during your holidays in the Dominican Republic.


Sancocho de Siete Carnes

Widely enjoyed in the whole of Caribbean islands and Spain, Sancocho stew takes its own character when combined with the culinary prowess and traditional influences of a Dominican cook. For this dish, 7 kinds of meat are combined among which are pork sausage, chicken thighs, bacon, pork shoulder and beef, giving it a unique meaty flavour. The stew is perfected with a spicy sauce made with onion, tomato paste, bell peppers, chili peppers and spices and accompanied with tostones or twice fried plantains, it makes up for a hearty dish worthy of raving about once you get back home after having holidays in the Dominican Republic.


Los tres Golpes (and mangu)

Forget about English breakfast as this is the staple breakfast dish to eat before you set out to explore your surroundings during your holidays in the Dominican Republic. The all traditional and hearty tres golpes or ‘three strikes’ consists of fried eggs, salami and fried cheese, complemented with the addition of the characteristic and flavourful mangu. In order to define, mangu is a tasty dish made with boiled plantains which are then mashed and combined with red onions sautéed in apple cider vinegar which also stands as a dish by itself in some cases.

Dominican Republic holidays



Asopao is the Dominican answer to chicken gumbo as this flavourful stew-like dish is prepared with white rice which is stewed in a tomato based sauce, flavoured with paprika, chili garlic and onion. Its most usual version is made with chicken, peas, peppers and flavoured with freshly chopped cilantro, however each chef has their own implementation of the recipe, often making it with shrimps.


Habichuelas Con Dulce

Last but not in the slightest sense least, this creamy dessert is something that you will hardly experience anyplace else. If you are having holidays in the Dominican Republic, take a chance with this unique dessert made with slow cooked beans, sweet potato, coconut and sugar and experience a great and tasty change to the usual chocolate and cream based desserts available throughout the world.

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