The top 5 cheap beach holiday destinations in Europe

beach holidays europe

Amongst various offerings worldwide, beach holidays are all the rage. The feeling of soft sand getting in between your toes, the sun warming you up and the relaxing sound of waves splashing a few feet away, are amongst the most soothing offerings of nature. Pair that to beach bars serving you fresh cocktails by the seaside and the choice of activities and opting for a beach holiday over any other type of vacation becomes apparent! However not all people can afford the exotic goodness of the Caribbean and as such they have to remain within the confines of Europe. Worry not because if you decide to have your beach holidays in Europe you still have a huge variety of amazing places to choose from!



Probably the place that has it all, sunny Benidorm is a great destination to visit without breaking the bank. Starting from all inclusive deals and budget friendly hotels and ranging up to luxury and boutique offerings, holidays to Benidorm can be kept low budget without being low in fun.



Amongst the multiple perks of this volcanic island, most prices are friendly in bars and restaurants, helping in keeping your wallet and yourself both happy. Most beaches are free to access and public transport is well organised and affordable, making exploring this island easy and cheap. Don’t stay back home in the rain when you could have holidays to Fuerteventura with the same cost as traveling to London on rush hour by train.

Beach holidays europe


Gran Canaria

Holidays in Gran Canaria are a prime opportunity for loads of budget-friendly fun under the sun. The all inclusive resorts in Playa del Ingles specialise in great deals and being the main centre of tourism on the island makes it a lively place full of things to do. Drinks deals and a wide variety of bars mean that you probably won’t run either out of funds or places to go to!


beach holidays europe


Portugal is a famous beach holiday destination as its west and south parts are washed by the Atlantic Ocean and caters to large numbers of sun seekers each year. Albufeira in the Algarve region is amongst the most well known resort towns in the country and for good reason. It’s simply stunning! The best thing about it however is that it’s also affordable so holidays in Albufeira are not limited to being an unattainable dream.

beach holidays europe


One of the best beach holiday destinations in Europe, the Greek island of Corfu is a great place to soak up the sun rays, party and explore. What’s even better about it though are its prices. Due to the Greek economy’s decline during the past few years, holidays in Corfu are more approachable than ever and its magnificent sights are all still there.

beach holidays europe

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