10 of the best cultural monuments in Europe Part 2

European Monuments

The continent of kings and explorers, Europe, is home to countless important cultural monuments. As those couldn’t be covered in one installment we have decided to present 5 more to see and get a taste of the best historic cultural displays which have survived during the passing of ages. From the wonderful Colosseum in Rome to the immensely imposing Schönbrunn Palace, all are wonderful and all of them unique. So go ahead, get informed and have one or more reasons to have your next holidays somewhere in Europe.


Built during the 1st century AD, this wonderful amphitheatre has always been a significant cultural sight. Host to most significant cultural events since its inception, the Colosseum is a must see sight if you are having holidays in Rome. If you delve into its ancient history and see it yourself, it’s not hard to imagine where the gladiators and roman actors used to stand with a huge crowd of 65.000 people cheering.



The most well-known Spanish castle, the imposing Alhambra is a stone-made spectacle. Built in its current shape during the 13th century by the Moors, this fortress-come-palace has long been a prominent display of the famous and nowadays protected Mudejar style of architecture. Incorporating a mixture of Gothic and Moorish influences, this majestic sight is amongst the things to see when on holidays in Spain and more specifically Granada.

European monuments

Grand Place Brussels

One of the most imposing and important cultural sights in Belgium, the central square of Brussels, has long been considered as the main sight to see on your holidays in Brussels. Built over the course of 500 years and evolving along with the city, this square is adorned by admirably ornate historic buildings and is also host to the museum of the city of Brussels. However, the best thing is that despite its status, this square is still used and accessible to all with lots of establishments operating in the surrounding buildings such as cafes and restaurants.

European Monuments

Neuschwanstein Castle

The ultimate Disney castle, Neuschwanstein, located in southwest Bavaria, is a majestic sight that will certainly impress anyone coming to see it. Holidays in Germany are probably not the sunniest, however if you like history and even more if you like castles, this is amongst the ultimate places to visit. Built during the 19th century by Ludwig II of Bavaria, this fairytale castle was aimed at honouring to the grand German composer Richard Wagner.

European monuments

Schönbrunn Palace

Arguably the most well-known and visited cultural sight in Vienna, the Schönbrunn Palace is what many consider as the ultimate incarnation of Viennese architecture. The former summer residence of Austrian monarchs consists of 1441 rooms and over 50 hectares of landscape, enough to keep you occupied for more than a day during your holidays in Vienna. Marvel at the stone sculptures hosted in its majestic gardens or walk inside its rooms and see some of the finest architectural examples of Austrian architecture.

European monuments

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