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World Sleep Day


Vacations are a matter of where you go, who you go with and of course what you plan on doing. From families, to couples and singles, holiday goals might vary widely and since choosing a destination often is the beginning of a trip, we wondered which places are more relevant to the World Sleep Day. Does your preferred destination set you in the mood for long naps by the beach, or staying up all night partying? Should you go Ibiza or Santorini? In order to figure out, we compared some of our favourite destinations and rated them on our dedicated sleep-o-meter.


No introduction is needed. The party central of Europe predisposes you for a time full of partying and excess. Holidays in Ibiza are rarely a matter of sleeping as the famous clubs and beach bars will keep you up until the wee hours in the morning.

Holidays in Ibiza


A Jack of all trades, Benidorm attracts large crowds of any type of traveller imaginable. Veering towards the no sleep list due to its vibrant life, holidays to Benidorm are best enjoyed when you sleep a bit less than you should.

Holidays in Benidorm


One of the prime romantic and historical destinations, Prague combines good nightlife and exquisite cultural sights, so a 50-50 balance of sleep and exploring is recommended. If you want to explore all the sights on your holidays to Prague however, you have to plan wisely.

Holidays in Prague


Almost the same as with Prague, holidays in Budapest are about taking in the sights so a larger amount of sleep is required in order to visit them all in a fresh mood. In all there’s lots of history to take in for a 4-hour sleep schedule.

holidays in budapest


Keeping with historical city breaks, there’s lots to see and do on a holiday to Rome, so striking the perfect balance between sleeping and exploring is always something to keep in mind.

Holidays in Rome


Holidays to Corfu cover all bases. From crazy party nights and boat parties in Kavos to the laidback villages, this destination is a place requiring little sleep in order to enjoy as much as you can before you leave.

Holidays in Corfu



Santorini is the island of lovers and sunsets so you’d better spend your days there relaaaaaaaaxing. A good selection of nightclubs and bars make holidays to Santorini enticing to those who like to let their hair down a bit, but the overall advice is to take it easy, like the locals!

Holidays in Santorini


Another Jack of all trades, holidays to Tenerife offer anything and everything. However, based on the huge selection of things to do and see, it would be best to spend your time in half. Recharge your batteries and take on more adventures!

Holidays in Tenerife


Similar with having holidays to Benidorm but in another setting, holidays in Albufeira offer a great variety of things to do! Sleep less and explore more if that’s your thing or relax by one of its stunning beaches. With a 50-50 split it’s all up to you.

Holidays in Albufeira


Majorca is always vivid but sleeping or staying up mainly depends on which part you choose to visit. From the infamous Magaluf to the picturesque Alcudia, holidays in Majorca are mostly about keeping you on your feet if you want to explore it fully.

Holidays in Majorca

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