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Amongst the most well-known long haul holiday destinations, Cancun, never ceases to amaze with its stunning white sand shores, tropical vegetation and vibrant spirit. This all inclusive holiday extravaganza has a lot to offer to anyone opting to spend some days away from home and as such, Cancun manages to be a thrilling overseas proposition regardless of what you might be looking for as a vacationer.

What’s on offer

A simple google search makes certain things apparent when thinking about Cancun, but what would the main thing be? Oh but of course, the beaches! Chosen during the 60s as the perfect place to build upon the Mexican tourist industry, Cancun, washed by the Caribbean Sea, is a white sand marvel. Offering about 13 miles of spectacular coastline to choose from, has made putting your towel down on the sand or choosing a sunbed to laze on easier than ever. Palm trees swaying gently in the sea breeze instantly put you in the mood for relaxation and the amenities on offer are spectacular to say the least. In case that you haven’t brushed up on your swimming skills for a while worry not, as lifeguard service and mostly shallow and calm waters mean that you are in for a treat without putting yourself in any danger.

Watersports & Amusement Parks
Try your hand or feet in anything you might like as Cancun is a watersports paradise. From swimming, sailing and kayaking to windsurfing, kitesurfing or blasting around the waves on a jet ski, on site rentals deliver so choosing is really up to you. Fly over the surface of the sea on a flyboard or rent a boat and discover the magnificent coasts and small islands around the area at you own pace. In case that you are visiting with family or you just want to let your inner child out, the spectacular parks Xel-Ha, Xplor and Xcaret are a must visit! Swim in the rivers and clear waters around them, splash down the waterslides or watch the animal shows before you hop on a zipline over the water. The only problem with those parks is that you’ll soon discover that you won’t want to leave.

Travel Guide Cancun

Diving & Snorkeling
Despite being a watersport as well, diving in Cancun is a wholly different experience. Being the first place in the world with an established underwater museum, Cancun is a diver’s paradise. Home to over 500 life sized underwater statues, the MUSA underwater museum is a unique sight to say the least and one worthy of a visit during your holidays in Cancun. Put on your equipment and head towards the coral reefs surrounding the area while colourful tropical fish dart around you in the crystal clear waters, or go turtle spotting around the Isla Mujeres. Life is great underwater and Cancun is definitely the place to spend a few days indulging in it.

Home to stunning, world class courses, Cancun is the place to go to if you plan on trying or improving your skills in golfing. Aim for the ace in one of the spectacular courses in Cancun or Riviera Maya and take in the breathtaking surroundings the area has to offer. After all, the Mayans could be credited for inventing a primitive form of your favourite sport, pok ta pok, whose name also happens to grace one of the most well known courses around the area. Pack your clubs, hop on the electric buggy and make use of your holidays to Cancun by furthering your experience in an idyllic setting. What more could you ask for?

Travel Guide Cancun
Cenotes & Jungle tours
The dramatic landscape of the Yucatan Peninsula has long been revered due to its ancient secrets and immense natural surroundings. The rainforests and settings surrounding the area are simply spectacular and what could be a better pastime than setting out in the wilderness to explore them. Take a tour or a swim in one of the cenotes and feel one with the ancient history of the place. If you are a fan of exploring, a visit to the massive underground river and cave system, Rio Secreto, is something you should definitely look out for. If mosquitoes don’t bother you all that much, a jungle tour is well advised and visiting some of the lost Mayan villages and getting in touch with the people there will provide you with valuable insight into their life and customs.


The Mayan land is full of secrets and legends and some of them live on to the day. Set your course towards the ruins of Chichen Itza, El Rey, Tulum and Coba and marvel at the imposing structures left there by a thriving civilization way back in time. Some of the pyramids are climbable, allowing you a fascinating overview of the surrounding area and most ruins also happen to be near the aforementioned cenotes, providing you with the opportunity to swim and explore them in case you haven’t already. Nonetheless be prepared to spend a day or more on each expedition as said sites are huge and they will certainly magnetise you!
Food & Drink
A few words can’t sufficiently describe the spectacular Yucatecan cuisine. If you happen to be a foodie or if you simply want to indulge in the proper Mexican cuisine, this is the place to do so. Try the ancient recipe of popadzules, the filling panuchos or the super tasty kibis and return home raving about their amazing flavour palette. Overall, the people of Yucatan pride themselves in their cuisine and who could ever blame them. Make sure you wash it all down with a local fresh cerveza and when the night falls, the local tequila and mezcal will tingle your throat and make your body move to the upbeat grooves.

Travel Guide Cancun
Cancun also happens to be famed for its nightlife and this is no mean feat at all when world famous DJs take up the stages and set the night on fire. Coco Bongo, the City Nightclub, Mandala and many other nightclubs are famous for their party spirit and resident DJs so make sure you spend a night out and you definitely won’t be disappointed. In case that you prefer to chillax by the beach with a nice margarita or daiquiri on hand, one of the beach clubs or bars will certainly quench your thirst and make you lounge with its soothing vibes lingering and disappearing into the night air ahead.

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