Travellers choice: the top 5 things to do on your next holidays to Cancun

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The decision is taken and we can’t wait! Holidays to Cancun are always something to look forward to. The sun, the beaches, the activities and of course the history and culture make it one of the most unique destinations around the world. However, no list is ever complete enough and bearing in mind the time needed to see everything we have decided to put the top 5 things to do in order to make our life easier when it comes to choosing what to spend our time and money on.

Xel-Ha & Xcaret

First and foremost, the amazing amusement parks of Xel-Ha and Xcaret, attract large numbers of visitors each year and how couldn’t they with all the things they have on offer. Both parks are host to stunning natural sceneries and a wide variety of activities will certainly provide you with an endless amount of fun. Roam around the parks, watch the perfectly orchestrated animal shows and swim in their canals and rivers. Let your inner child out and hop on one of the waterslides or grab a bite in one of the on-site restaurants if you get hungry.



Holidays to Cancun would definitely lose some of their charm if you stayed within your perfect all inclusive resort all day every day. In order to enjoy the place a bit more while witnessing and learning more about the ancient history of Cancun, a visit to nearby Coba ruins is a must! Home to one of the few climbable pyramids overlooking long stretches of jungle and tropical vegetation, the Coba ruins offer a magnificent insight into the way the lost civilization lived.


Underwater museum

Arguably the first underwater museum in the world, the Cancun underwater museum is a must for those who like to dive and snorkel. Overall a unique experience in itself, the underwater museum hosts more than 500 life sized sculptures by renowned artists and attracts huge crowds each year who want to witness its magnificent collection.


Isla Contoy

A picture perfect tropical island, Isla Contoy off the shores of Cancun is a small corner of paradise on earth. Its unspoilt white sand beaches, clear waters and tropical vegetation put you in the mood for swimming, diving or just relaxing on one of its beaches and savouring its breathtaking settings. Book one of the supervised tours and witness the magnificent and endangered wildlife in its natural habitat. Overall, visitors each day are limited to 200 so if you want to live this experience on your holidays to Cancun you have to book beforehand.



Ik Kil & Chichen Itza

Last but not in any sense least, the famous ruins of Chichen Itza and the Ik Kil cenote located closeby are both worthy of a full day from your holidays to Cancun in order to visit. The preserved ruins of the once thriving Mayan city provide a dramatic contrast to the surrounding forest and the clear mystical waters of the Ik Kil cenote are a treat to swim in.

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