Purple Tips: Finding the best street food in Cancun

cancun street food

There is no better way to immerse yourself into the local culture of a place than by trying its street food. All over Cancun, street food vendors embody an essential part of local culture, by serving passersby behind their food stalls for a small fee. Nonetheless, finding the appropriate street food stall is oftentimes challenging as hygiene and food quality standards may vary, as with any place and type of establishment around the world. In order to make your street food experience and thus your holidays to Cancun more enjoyable, we present you with five of our hard earned tips in order to choose wisely and enjoy it to the max.

Crowds usually mean good food

Another hard earned tip which can be applied in other countries as well is to check where the crowds gather. Street food vendors with a good reputation tend to attract crowds and this usually is a good first hand sign that the food is good. In case that you see stalls full of tourists but no locals except the chef, it would be better to avoid them as they could often get away with lower quality food which my pass unnoticed by unsuspecting foreigners.


Ask Around

As a first rule of thumb, bear in mind that locals have been eating out around the area way before your holidays to Cancun and as such, they will most probably have more experience with the local street food. Try to ask your hotel staff, local friends and others for the best street food available and they will certainly have one or two recommendations


Watch the spicy

Mexicans love chili and other spices and because of this you have to be way careful with what you order. Of course a taco topped with jalapenos might be a feast for the eyes, but if you are not inclined into eating spicy food it will probably hurt both your stomach and your wallet. If your preferred vendor doesn’t speak English, go with the phrase ‘sin picante por favor’ which means ‘without the spicy bits please’ and enjoy your food normally.


Step outside your comfort zone

No street food experience would be the same without trying some of the unusual local treats. Make sure you step outside of your comfort zone to try some of them and watch your culinary experience get a new kick and you never know. You might find a new favourite dish to remind you of your holidays to Cancun a bit more!


Freshly cooked is always safer

A very important thing to keep in mind especially when meat is concerned is to buy it fresh. If the fire is on and food gets prepared on the spot all the better, as this means that most germs will be eliminated by the time you are already chewing it. Moreover, keep an eye out on how the food is prepared and try to avoid ready-made meals and dirty stalls. A gastrointestinal problem might keep you in bed for a couple of days ruining your otherwise perfect holidays.

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