A Purple farewell to Prince


It’s been a few hours since another legend passed away, adding to the people who left us in 2016 after leaving their mark. Prince for us was always an idol. A charismatic musician who managed to captivate our minds, souls, eyes and ears through his work. In order to honour him and his music which inspired us more than ten years ago, we decided to name our company Purple Travel partly because of his song Purple Rain. Lots of dreams, fun times, bad times and anything in between could be dressed with Prince’s songs as a soundtrack and still be way exciting.

Travelling is passion and this is apparent in the work of one of our favourite artists. The same passion we have for providing our customers with the best services they could ask for. Purple Travel has long been a company priding itself in its people and making our clients travel above and beyond without spending a fortune.

What made us like Prince even more though is the way he liked to give. Throughout his lifetime, Prince wanted to make a change by donating money and supporting various causes, from providing a better future for orphans to working towards fighting cancer and HIV. Prince was a kind soul and this can be traced to his deeds. In order to honour this part of his character which magnetised us, while still providing something for the world as a company, we have decided to donate 50% of our online booking profits to the Elton John AIDS foundation for all bookings made through our website until 30/04/2016. Each holiday you buy will help make another step towards providing equal chances to the children and people who need it the most. Each booking will help towards making a change and helping people fight the disease. Each booking will be a step further in helping these people make dreams, helping them travel, helping them live!

Sharing some colour with one of the most influential artists to have passed, we would wholeheartedly like to wish Prince to Rest in Peace. Κeep on laughing in the Purple Rain up above!

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