How much should you be spending on travelling?

Spending in Travelling

Travelling and spending are always relative. From an all inclusive holiday to Cancun to a backpacking adventure across Spain, variables tend to change quite a lot when you think about your perfect destination and the money you are about to spend. As with any general question however, the answers are also general but one thing always stays the same; despite spending, travelling is an investment. No matter where you choose to go or how, each destination is unique and provides ample opportunities to see a side of the world you never thought existed. Go on holidays to Santorini and witness the majestic volcanic landscape and its world famous sunsets or set sail for Ibiza and party until the morning. Travelling always comes with the best of experiences and memories and as such spending on travelling is always something guaranteed to return part of your investment.

Nonetheless, travelling solo or as a couple is always cheaper than travelling with family and backpacking is always cheaper than staying in five star hotels. Depending on where you plan on visiting and your mode of travelling the prices tend to vary accordingly. If our advice is to be taken seriously however, you should try to spend as much as you can on travelling. Escape the monotonous reality of going to work and then sleeping in front of the telly or riding the tube back home and feeling like being trapped in a can of sardines and live some experiences that will change you as a person. The ultimate investment towards yourself is to travel and do so as often as you can. In case that you get paid a small to medium wage it would be wise to save up on a few pints every now and again and set sail for your next favourite destination. Low cost flights and hotel deals are always available making your holidays to Algarve for example, seem way more plausible. What’s more is that you may have never imagined beforehand that a holiday someplace else might change you for the better.

In case that you’re a well-paid professional, set aside your business deals and work stress for a while and spend your well earned money on something that will reward you with memories. Leave behind your comfort zone and pack your bags because you never know what may lie ahead. Creativity is a rare thing to come by in a world full of stress and everyday hassles, but travelling may bring way more than what you may imagine. You never know, the best business deal you ever had might be just a bar chat away in Majorca.

As an extra word of advice, the best saving can be found when travelling off season so don’t be put off when you see the weather forecasts. Each season has its own charm around the world so a cheaper deal with worse weather might be better than a peak season holiday riddled with overcrowded beaches and soaring prices.

The world is out there. All you need to do is hop on a plane and discover it!

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