Holiday destinations by shoreline length [Infographic]

With many countries to choose from for a sunny holiday which one would you choose? The reasons for opting for one over the other might be loads. From budget and sights to the people you’ll go with and religious concerns, choosing whether or not to visit a country is a complex equation which ultimately boils down to personal preference. However, in an ideal scenario where you had all the needed resources at your disposal and the will to visit a famous beach destination how would you choose? If you are a fan of variety, rest assured that the longer the coastline is for each country, the more options of a shore you have to lay your towel on. So in order to simplify things, here are some of the countries along with their coastlines.



Spanish Coastlines

Spain has long been amongst the top holiday destinations for British tourists, as a wonderful combination of history, nature and of course vivid spirit, predisposes you for some of the best days away from home ever. When thinking about where to head to for a beach holiday however, rest assured that the numbers don’t lie as the total shoreline length of Spain is 3084. With 1038 miles of sea facing the Mediterranean and 2234 being washed by the Atlantic and Bay of Biscay, Spain definitely has one of the largest selections of beaches and shores available.


Shoreline of Greece

Another holiday favourite, the land of the Gods as its otherwise dubbed, also is one amongst the 10 countries with the longest coastlines in the world. This of course despite the relatively small size of the country could be attributed to nothing else rather than 2000 plus islands which belong to Greece in the surrounding Mediterranean waters. With more than 200 inhabited islands, holidays to Greece are all about the sea and with a rich variety of beaches you’d be hard pressed not to marvel at one or more.


Portugal and its islands are one of the best places you could spend some sunny days on without breaking the ban or straying too far from the UK. With a total of 1115 miles of coastline, Portugal has a wide variety of shores and beaches to choose from . From the world’s biggest waves in Nazare to the picturesque Faro and Albufeira, Portugal has lots of options to choose from. Nonetheless, if you happen to visit the southern coasts of the country do not be fooled by the Mediterranean climate as the country only faces the Atlantic.


Long haul destinations are often what we tend to have in mind when thinking about exotic beaches with white sand lined with palm trees, crystal clear waters and postcard perfect views. From the huge coastline and laidback vibe of Jamaica to the 4th largest shoreline in the world in the Philippines, Long haul despite being an umbrella term for areas we wish we sometime visit, is well worth the trip regardless of where you might set course to. Visit the jaw droppingly gorgeous beaches of the Dominican Republic or take a swim in the warm waters of Cancun before you hop over to Barbados and get awestruck by their natural beauty. If you don’t mind the budget, a visit to the Maldives is certainly worth considering and if you still want a long haul which won’t be that long, you can opt for holidays in Cape Verde.


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