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5 tips for safe Fun under the Sun

5 tips for safe Fun under the Sun

tan tips

As we all know, summer vacations bring happiness, fun and some summer days with that hard to get ‘away from it all’ feeling. Picture yourself on a sunbed by the perfect beach, sunglasses on, cocktail in hand and gazing down the endless blue. Sounds perfect. However, the perfect vacation is not perfectly worry-free. Besides the usual worries of not knowing the place and the language or not knowing where to have drinks and dinner without getting ripped off, one worry remains mostly unseen. Suntan may come at a certain expense such as burns and irritation but the main concern is the conditions which may be worse. Unfortunately, melanoma is a real threat and bearing in mind its potentially dangerous and detrimental effect on health, we considered important to devote an article on how to tan safely, without returning from say a holiday to Spain with worse than just cheap souvenirs.

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