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As we all know, summer vacations bring happiness, fun and some summer days with that hard to get ‘away from it all’ feeling. Picture yourself on a sunbed by the perfect beach, sunglasses on, cocktail in hand and gazing down the endless blue. Sounds perfect. However, the perfect vacation is not perfectly worry-free. Besides the usual worries of not knowing the place and the language or not knowing where to have drinks and dinner without getting ripped off, one worry remains mostly unseen. Suntan may come at a certain expense such as burns and irritation but the main concern is the conditions which may be worse. Unfortunately, melanoma is a real threat and bearing in mind its potentially dangerous and detrimental effect on health, we considered important to devote an article on how to tan safely, without returning from say a holiday to Spain with worse than just cheap souvenirs.

Know when to go

Of the utmost importance in order to enjoy some of the most popular beaches and do so safely, knowing when to go is half the battle. As such its always preferential to choose a time before or after 11 am to 4pm, as the sun burns the most during those hours consequently putting you in danger of getting burnt. Moreover, avoiding those hours means that you will definitely have more of the beach to yourself as those happen to be the busiest around most beaches on a holiday to Greece for example.


Don’t scream, it’s sun cream

Or in order to phrase it differently, you will most probably need it if you want to able to sit or lay on your back without at least grunting, after a long day under the sun. Apply sun cream half an hour before you get exposed to the sun in order to let your skin absorb it properly and then apply once more in order to seal the protective barrier. It would be highly advised that you don’t shy out of buying an expensive sun cream as those tend to be friendlier to the skin and potentially more effective.


Take a half-hour break

The sun isn’t going anywhere, or at least in a half hour. If you plan on having an endless sunbathing session on your next holiday to Algarve it would be better for both your tan and your health to think again. It’s better to take a small break every now and again and moisturize your skin if possible with a cream in order to keep it hydrated and healthy. This helps with avoiding sunstroke as well, since it’s one of the things you won’t easily get to think about when you’re already too busy sunbathing, swimming or practicing watersports and making the most of your holidays to Benidorm.


Drink water often

Top up your body with fresh water as much as needed. This is essential to staying healthy as the UV rays tend to dehydrate the body resulting in extra damage which would be better avoided. As such and in order to stay healthy and fresh, don’t forget to drink water as much as your body tells you. As a further note, try to avoid alcoholic beverages as those tend to dehydrate you and make you prone to getting burnt or suffering the effects of sunstroke.


Cover all areas

For this you will probably need a hat, sun glasses and longer summer clothes made from light fabrics. It is essential that you pay attention to cover all exposed areas with sun cream such as your ears and behind, your nose and face as well as your scalp if you happen to be exposed. Sunburns don’t discriminate amongst places on your skin so you have to be prepared. Hard to reach areas such as the ones behind your ears are also susceptible to getting sunburnt so don’t forget to cover those up too.

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