Budget Fun: 10 of the world’s cheapest holiday destinations

budget holidays

Holidays. The time that everyone longs for and everyone remembers. Packing your bags, leaving work and manic routine behind and leaving for a sunnier or at least different setting could provide you with experiences and fun that you wouldn’t even come close to otherwise. Anyone would love a holiday escape as much as the next person, however, when thinking of travelling, one of the things that immediately jumps to mind is budget. Budget can make or break a holiday as we all might be aware, however there’s no need to break the bank in order to embark on a new, exciting adventure. Here we have 10 of the best places to go to if you are after leaving the known world behind you and keeping your wallet happy.


Still a very popular European destination, Greece and its economic upheaval have brought prices down during recent years, making it a dream destination come true. Holidays in Greece could be praised for quite a few things beside the budget such as its spectacular beaches, magnificent cuisine, laidback people and intense party vibe.


Dominican Republic

White sand beaches, palm trees, crystal clear waters, crazy prices… All that usually comes to mind when thinking of holidays in the Caribbean. However, holidays in the Dominican Republic are a completely different matter! Opt for saving some money by taking the bus or eating where the locals do and you could realise your tropical dream for less money than taking the train to and from work for a week.



Climbing in popularity, this stunning country, adorned with palaces and castles is amongst the cheapest destinations in Europe. Do not miss Budapest during your holidays in Hungary and rest assured that you’ll come back with memories to cherish.



A huge country by definition, India is an immense experience in itself for less than half the money you would otherwise pay. Opt for the less touristy areas and you will be rewarded with a low budget, no expenses spared, holiday in India.



Don’t cry for me Argentina as the song goes and we certainly know that your wallet isn’t going to cry either. The hearty Latin American country is a wonderful place to explore and due to the financial crisis that Argentina recovers from, the prices are still very low. Overall the experience of holidays in Argentina is unforgettable and cheap!



A European alternative for cheap beach holidays, Bulgaria can provide you with magnificent beaches, hearty food and drink and all that for phenomenally low prices. The black sea resorts make holidays in Bulgaria a cheap but great experience and the things to see and do in the capital of Sofia are quite a few. What’s not to like?



Want to do tropical Caribbean white sand beaches on a budget? Then a holiday to Honduras is certainly what you might be looking for! Not amongst the most visited countries, Honduras is often overlooked, however this is amongst the reasons why you could live it like a king with 20 quid a day.



Once unapproachable by regular tourists, Cambodia has had a recent tourist boom because of its stunning natural surroundings, rich history and dirt cheap prices. Don’t be fooled by low prices a those definitely don’t mean low quality rather than making holidays in Cambodia one of the best value-for-money experiences in the world.



The exotic Vietnam is also one of the best value for money destinations in the world. Eat, drink and sleep for cheap while taking in the spectacular views of the terraced rice paddies, lakes and colonial cities that only holidays in Vietnam can provide.



Certainly not amongst the first destinations that jump into mind when thinking about holidays, the landlocked Bolivia is home to many sights and things to do while being cheaper than most of the other countries in South America. In other words, holidays in Bolivia are an otherworldly experience that doesn’t come at an otherworldly price.

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