Holidays in Crete: Explore the top 5+1 beaches!

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With over 1000km of beaches around its shores, the island of Crete is as close to paradise as a Mediterranean island could get. The stunning beaches and diversity of sights make for an unforgettable destination if you are up for beach holidays in Crete, providing you with some of the most spectacular settings that you could witness, let alone explore. Delve into our guide top up your tan and discover your perfect summer getaway!


Arguably the most well known beach in Crete, Elafonisos is a rare spectacle of a white sandy peninsula adorned with pink coral sand. Its clear and shallow waters resemble a swimming pool and the small lagoon formed by the side of the Elafonisos peninsula is a perfect place for young children to learn how to swim. Most amenities like sunbeds, umbrellas and beach bars can be found dotting the area whereas if you are into skinny-dipping you will be delighted to find that one of the small coves around will accommodate you.



The once famous hippy beach still is one of the best beaches that you could visit while on holidays in Crete. Home to numerous caves by the beachside and the remains of a sunken roman settlement, Matala with its clear blue water and fine gravel is a place worthy of a visit. If you happen to be there around July, the internationally acclaimed Matala festival will provide you with lots of live music and cultural acts to enjoy!



Relatively harder to access in relation to the aforementioned beaches, the world famous Balos beach is a natural spectacle. Home to light golden sand and shallow azure blue waters, this place will certainly have you thinking that you are somewhere around the Caribbean. Protected as a nature reserve, this place is home to rich flora and fauna such as the careta careta sea turtles and monk seals. Despite your preferred method of accessing it either by driving up a dirt road or taking the ferry from Kissamos, the views to be had on the way are spectacular and this place is well worth of visiting during your holidays in Crete.



The ‘Cedar Forest’ as translated is one of the last unspoiled beaches in Europe. Dotted with juniper trees and home to sand dunes and a magnificent golden sandy beach, Kedrodasos is a place reserved for those who would like to enjoy a day far from the usual tourist traps while taking in the sensational views on offer.



The palm grove of Vai in the eastern Lassithi region is a well-known beach owing its fame to the commercials filmed there and of course its distinct natural beauty. The small islets at the distance embellish the seaside views and the friendly sandy beach is great for swimming and taking in the beauty this place is known for. Numerous palm trees will provide shade and the sunbeds and umbrellas are guaranteed to provide enough place for you to relax.


Red Beach

Owing its spectacular reddish-brown colour to the distinct composition of the ground around it, the Red Beach situated in close proximity to the aforementioned Matala is a thing of beauty! In order to access it you have to walk for a bit past the Matala settlement and the close by hill and there you have it in front of you! Its majestic limestone sides fade into the blue green water and along with the hippy rock sculptures scattered throughout, make it a must visit if you are on holidays in Crete and especially close to the Heraklion region.

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