Summer holidays in Spain: The top tips for working on your tan and staying safe

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Oh yes, the time is almost here and the sea, sand and sun time is getting ever closer. Of course we’re talking about your summer holidays in Spain as the playas are getting within reach each day! Nevertheless, one thing to remind you more of your sunny time can’t be anything else than the perfect tan. Bronzed, healthy and radiant are only a few words that you would like to describe your skin and as such you have to act accordingly. In order to help you do so safely, we have some sun baked tips that you ought not to miss before, during and after your session under the sun.

Exfoliate before

If you want your tan to even out all over your body and remain longer, you have to exfoliate your skin the day before. Exfoliation doesn’t only help with removing oil and dirt clogging your pores but also with removing the layer of dead skin. This helps in having direct exposure to the sun, thus tanning more efficiently. However bear in mind that your skin might be a bit more sensitive to sun exposure so try to keep a balance with the time you spend under the sun.


Stay hydrated

This piece of advice should not be taken lightly at all since dehydration is not your friend in any case. Even more so when you decide to spend a prolonged period of exposure under the sun. Water helps in replenishing the natural moisture on your skin which is easily lost under the warm Spanish sun, thus helping you stay healthy and keeping your skin safer.


Apply suncream

This goes without saying as prolonged exposure under the sun could cause burns and other side effects. It would be more than bad to ruin your summer holidays in Spain with a bad sunburn, so apply liberally. Try to apply suncream 20-30 minutes before you head out into the sun and top up 30 minutes after you start your session for maximum protection. In contrast to popular belief, suncream doesn’t prevent your skin from tanning all that much and keeps you safer from melanoma and other problems.


Do not overexpose

When tanning it is essential to not overexpose. Your body has a certain rate of melanin production (the skin pigment that makes you tan) which cannot be surpassed. This leads to just getting a sunburn rather than the perfect tan you’ve been hoping for before your summer holidays in Spain. Keep your skin happy by going under cover from the sun every half hour of full hour of exposure and give your skin some time to rest if you plan on spending your whole day by the beach.


Hat and sunglasses

An essential accessory and one that doesn’t cost your tan anything. Protect your head from sunstroke by wearing a hat and protect the sensitive skin around your eyes by wearing sunglasses. The difference between wearing them and not wearing them is huge and rest assured that doing so is well worth the effort. Always make sure that your sunglasses are good quality as the ones you find on stands around tourist shops mostly won’t work the way you intend them to.

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