Will holidays to Lanzarote ever die?

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The once barren volcanic island of Lanzarote is home to a bit more than 142 thousand residents and each year large numbers of tourists flock around its magnificent sunny shores. The all year round good weather, fantastic all inclusive hotels and broad spectrum of activities covering any taste and pocket have significantly elevated this Spanish island in the Atlantic into one of the top contenders for summer holidays. Holidays toLanzarote however have not been the huge industry they are today some years ago.

Beginning in 1100 BC the Phoenicians were the first to set foot on the island and as such inspired the ancient Greek writers to write about it. Fast forward a few years (1730) and the island was ravaged by a series of volcanic eruptions which lasted for 6 years, scorching the earth and giving the island its present appearance. Lanzarote after being colonised by the Portuguese and Spanish remained in its present state with its main source of income relying on fishing. However, this source of income fell out of favour too during the 1950s and Lanzarote veered on the verge of bankruptcy. In order to enhance its economic sustainability, Lanzarote was amongst the first Spanish resorts to be comprehensively developed during the 60s and 70s by the Spanish government and private investors.

Nowadays, people opting to have holidays in Lanzarote have given a new breath of life to the local economy as the well organised resorts tend to attract huge crowds each year who crave some sun. The main tourist season tends to be during the summer months, however due to the island’s proximity to the equator the weather is always pleasant. The well organised local bars, clubs and restaurants cater for large numbers of people and as a result they always have something on to satisfy even the pickiest of travellers.

Bearing all that in mind however, makes us wonder what might be next. Will holidays to Lanzarote wither as people find other places to go? Will the local economy return to fishing? Will the resorts die out?

Well, the answer might well be, no. At least not in the immediate future. With Spanish destinations being on the rise and prices climbing fast, more people tend to choose to have holidays to Lanzarote. Why so you may ask and the reasons are more than a few. Firstly, Lanzarote offers the experience of stunning beaches and clear waters most vacationers are after for less money. Secondly it has not been overdeveloped to the extent of other destinations and thirdly and most importantly, the sun will keep on shining no matter what. All those facts however are further emphasised by one more thing. The recent years have seen the decline of widely popular destinations such as Turkey and Egypt due to civil unrest and safety concerns. This however, is certainly not the case with the Canary Islands overall, as they are in the middle of the ocean and host to a friendly and quiet population. Historically at least there have never been cases of concern, making Lanzarote one of the safest destinations available.

Overall, Lanzarote holidays, at least in the island’s present state, will never die, rather than evolve and include more things to see and do. The Canary Islands seem to have gotten the recipe right and we definitely can’t wait to visit time and again in the future!

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