6 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Holidays In Spain

holidays in spain

So you have already to embark towards your next holidays in Spain. Since however it still is a foreign country you need to be prepared about certain things so it’s logical that you have to ask questions. In order to clarify some of the most common queries that people face, here’s a quick guide to help with some of the most commonly asked questions about holidays in Spain.

Do I need to know the Language?

The more you know the better as the Spanish are not famed for heir adoption and knowledge of English. As such, it would be essential to learn a couple of things in Spanish in case that you get stranded somewhere and you need to communicate. Moreover, basic Spanish language guides are readily available and cheap in tourist shops so make sure you have one in your back pocket if you can’t manage to remember more than the basics.


Is it expensive?

As with most countries it depends on where you go. Most touristy places tend to be a bit more expensive than others but prices for most things are low and quite accessible for a normal budget.  After all low prices are one of the thigs that tend to attract tourists for a holiday in Spain over other countries the most.


Is it far from the UK?

Again it depends on where you go. If you are travelling anywhere in the mainland you probably won’t be on the plane form more than four to five hours maximum. In case however that you are flying towards the Balearic or Canary Islands, be prepared to spend substantially more time flying as both are further down south. In the case of travelling to the Canary Islands you could raise the average flying time to 8-9 hours.


How is the local food

In short, one of the tastiest cuisines ever and very approachable too. Most tapas bars serve local delicacies which taste great and along with a pint or some of the locally produced wine won’t set your wallet back too much. Try to go with the local favourites according to the region you visit and make sure you leave your inhibitions behind and try some of the dishes you never thought you would. Make use of your holidays in Spain to try the local cuisine and you will definitely be amazed.


What clothes should I take with me?

Again this depends on the time and region. In general keep in mind that you have to pack a scarf and something a bit heavier in case the weather decides not to be on your side. Moreover, it would be important to keep a pair of shoes handy as sandals won’t help you get in some places such as restaurants and concert halls. Holidays in the Canary Islands however mean yearlong sunshine so in case you forget to bring something as mentioned before, worry not.


What is the local currency?

Spain as the rest of Europe uses Euros so bear that in mind before you travel as British pounds will most likely not be accepted outside of very touristy areas. In order to get the best exchange rates it would be best to go straight to a bank rather than a money exchange office in the airport or touristy areas as those tend to charge more for their services and keep commission.

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