Are you getting the most out of your holidays to Lanzarote?

lanzarote holidays

Is what you have to ask yourself before you decide to spend yet another day lazing by your all inclusive hotel pool. As with any vacation, holidays to Lanzarote offer a great opportunity to break the mold of your everyday life and engage in something that will provide you with experiences and broaden your horizons. As such and in order to avoid getting stuck in a holiday rut, here are some things to do in order to get the most out of your Lanzarote holidays.

Explore the countryside

Beside basking under the sun on one of the island’s beaches, make use of your time exploring inland. The volcanoes and Timanfaya national park with their arid backdrops and Martian-like settings are certainly something that you can’t get someplace else. Visit the Cueva de los Verdes and the Jameos del Agua and witness some of the most unique lava shaped landscapes in the world. If you get lucky enough, you can also watch a concert in the corresponding facilities around the area, providing yourself with a unique experience.


Eat Local

First and foremost, it’s all well and tasty with your hotel’s buffet that serves international cuisine and internationalised local dishes. However, in order to get a proper taste of the place you’re going to, eating local is one of the things you ought to put on your list. Tapas, paella and other local dishes always taste best when you try them fresh in a small restaurant instead of a relevant themed restaurant back home. Don’t miss out on eating fresh fish and sea produce as the Canary Islands are also famed for their fishing industry beside tourism.


Explore secluded beaches

Amongst the island’s main selling points, the long sandy beaches are a feast for the senses and we certainly couldn’t agree more. Nevertheless, umbrellas, sunbeds and huge crowds fighting for a spot in the sand might not be what you initially hoped for so the only solution is to rent a car or hop on the bus and go exploring. The best beach of your life might be hiding just a few miles away from the touristy spots and with the calmness of a secluded beach you are certain to find inner peace while you let the sun work its magic on your tan.


Go out

Enjoy a night out and let the local spirit (and spirits) sink in before you head back home. Sleeping early to catch all the tours you may have booked beforehand might be beneficial for your knowledge but living the local nightlife is always something unique. Try to veer away from the touristy places and visit the places the locals do in order to provide your holidays to Lanzarote with a unique night out.


Go diving

You might not exactly be Jacque Yves Cousteau but you can still enjoy the rich underwater life surrounding the island regardless. Numerous diving schools around Lanzarote offer anything from equipment rental and diving lessons to full on diving expeditions around the island’s coral reefs. Make your holidays to Lanzarote an event to cherish by undertaking an activity that will both exercise and amaze you.

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