Hiking in Southern Europe: Some of the best trails to make you dust off your boots

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Holidays are not always about lazing on a beach or exploring a thriving city. When some people are too busy in not being busy, others just set off to discover new and exciting worlds. Europe with its multitude of settings and UNESCO protected natural parks is a real paradise for hikers as its settings vary from island mountain ranges to high mainland peaks and volcano craters dusted with snow. In any case, each place provides something different to the ones willing to take the risk, dust off their boots and leave their sun lounger behind for a few hours or days of walking where a few people have walked.


The volcanic island of Tenerife is one of the best destinations to go to if you are after exploring the great outdoors. Home to the highest peak of Spain (3714m) and an immense natural park surrounding it, holidays to Tenerife are a prime opportunity to traverse some of the most jaw-dropping settings of the Canary Islands. Pay a visit to the wonderful Anaga mountain range and go down the Masca gorge in the Teno mountains, reaching a secluded sandy beach. Simply wonderful!



Holidays to Majorca are not only about lounging on its spectacular beaches or visiting its world famous monuments. The ‘bigger island’ as its Latin name implies, is a real treasure for hikers with any level of experience. From a relaxed mountain walk in the Serra de Tramuntana to exploring a remote island full of hidden treasures in the protected Cabrera natural park, Majorca has some of the best hiking routes in southern Europe.



Also named as the ‘floating garden’, the impressively beautiful island of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean is truly an awe inspiring place. Host to lush vegetation and high mountain peaks, Madeira provides dramatic views of the island and the sea surrounding it, making hiking and exploring it a pleasure. Take any route you want on the Old Levada and watch its beauty unfold while you breathe in the fresh ocean breeze. Holidays to Madeira are a thing of dreams and even more so if you plan on going hiking.



The region of Catalonia in southern Spain has always been a place of immense beauty and if you fancy coming in touch with its stunning nature, a trip to the imposing Monserrat is an option certainly worth considering. Keep some time off La Rambla during your holidays to Barcelona and pay a visit to the mountain top monastery. Your mind will be definitely blown with the views and walks provided around the area!



The Greek island of Crete is a well-known destination for all kinds of holiday activities and hiking should also be put high on the list. Home to dramatic mountains and one of the longest walkable gorges in the world, Samaria gorge, Crete never fails to amaze with its rich natural settings. Deciding where to go is as easy as pointing a finger on the map and following one of the routes. The island bustles with natural treasures, caves, beaches and mountains waiting to be explored so you are guaranteed not to get bored if you decide to go on holidays to Crete.

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