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The densely forested St. Lucia is a tropical paradise! Long a popular destination for honeymoon and family holidays, this small exotic island in the Caribbean Sea is definitely something that you have to witness at least once in a lifetime. As such, we have compiled 5 of the best places to see during your St Lucia holidays to make your visit even more of an event to cherish.


Amongst the most imposing sights on the island, the Majestic Pitons mountains are a challenge to climb and a spectacle to admire from the surrounding area. Reaching up to a height of 771 metres, the volcanic peaks are amongst the utmost things to witness during your holidays to St Lucia. The surrounding tropical and subtropical forests are home to a rich variety of flora and fauna with lots of rare endemic species to be seen in their natural habitat. The seaside by the peaks consists of over 60% coral reefs which play host to a multitude of colourful tropical fish and sea creatures.


Rodney Bay

A picturesque bay bustling with life on the northwestern coast of the island, Rodney Bay is a destination which combines a lot of things to see and do. Due to its spectacular natural settings, duty free shop and high number of visitors, Rodney Bay is always bustling with life and colour. From the wonderful marina to the numerous duty free shops, restaurants and bars, Rodney Bay is amongst the destinations to look at, let alone stay in if you book your holidays to St Lucia.


Pigeon Island

Right by the Rodney Bay marina, the Pigeon island is an extraordinarily beautiful islet which was joined artificially to the mainland by a causeway built in 1972. Once a famous resistance base used by the British naval officer George Brydges Rodney against the French colonial forces, this ex-islet is full of hidden treasures to explore. Climb and stroll around the old fort, swim or snorkel in the peaceful clear waters and the reefs surrounding them, or just hike down towards the onsite restaurant and café if you want to rest after a day of exploring.


St Lucia Botanical Gardens

For nature lovers or people who simply want to witness one of the most colourful natural sights St. Lucia has to offer, the St. Lucia or Diamond Botanical Gardens are a magnificent place to visit. Stretching over six acres of unspoilt, fertile land, the botanical gardens play host to a diverse range of plants and tropical flowers, all blessed by the hand of tropical nature. The diamond waterfall and hot mineral springs on the site have long been considered to have medicinal properties and the nearby baths fill up with their water. Pay a visit during your holidays in St Lucia and forget about the outside world.


Morne Fortune

In case that you want to get further in touch with the history of St Lucia, make sure that you pay a visit to the Morne Fortune area and historical site. Overlooking the city of Castries and home to a preserved French fort as well as the University of West Indies, Morne Fortune is a place you ought to visit. The site also houses the memorial of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, commemorating the battle against French forces in 1796 before the island was taken over by the British. Spend a day exploring and get picture happy with the immense views this place has to offer while giving your knowledge of St Lucian history a significant boost.

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