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Viva Mexico! As the locals usually exclaim and a brief look at this spectacular place is enough to convince us of its uniqueness and charm. Bordered by the warm Caribbean Sea on the east and the imposing but beautiful Pacific Ocean on the west, Mexico is a land full of contrast which covers everything a traveler could ask for. From a busy city break to Mexico City where everything happens to a relaxed holiday in Cancun by the crystal clear sea, the places to see and things to do are almost endless. Nonetheless, before you start thinking about your perfect holidays in Mexico, read on and learn a bit more about some of the best destinations to visit.


Cancun has long been one of the most visited destinations in Mexico and for good reason too. With its tourist development set in motion during the 1970s, the ex-Mayan land of Cancun is now a place full of opportunities for any kind of holidays you might be after. Cancun’s white sand beaches, washed by the warm Caribbean Sea instantly put you in the mood to leave your belongings on the side and jump straight in for a swim. If you are a fan of diving, then you certainly are in the right place as Cancun also happens to be the first place in the world with an established underwater museum. Visit the nearby Isla de las Mujeres, dive and snorkel around its colourful reefs and take back with you the memories of a lifetime!

Golfing is also something that you have to try whether you like it or not as the Zona Hotelera hosts some of the world’s most impressive golfing courses to swing your club on. If you plan on visiting with family, rest assured that you still won’t want to leave. Visit the Xel-Ha, Xcaret and Xplor thematic parks, take a full day to explore them and try to make the most of your time, as all of these parks are huge and unique. You can even opt to book and stay onsite if you want to explore the parks in their entirety! Come night, you will find an endless array of things to do. Party and live it up in phenomenal nightclubs hosting some of the best DJs or in case that you prefer to take it a bit easier, lounge by your all inclusive Cancun hotel pool or the nearest beach bar and let the mellow vibes soak in. In case you want to step outside your resort for some shopping and dining, a wide range of shops and restaurants are there to satisfy your needs.


Mexico City

The country’s capital is definitely unique in a multitude of its features and beside its immense beauty, these distinctions make it even more unique. Based on the first settlement established by the Aztecs as their capital, Tenochitlan, Mexico City is a place full of history and culture. Amongst its unique features, its height reaches up to 2.240 metres and due to the 21.2 million inhabiting it, Mexico City happens to be the largest Spanish speaking city in the world. As such its museums and culture are something certainly worthy delving into and enjoying during your stay. The anthropology museum of Mexico City happens to be one of the best in the world and this is no mean feat. Showcasing exhibits from all the significant historic populations which inhabited Mexico, this museum is a must if you want to learn more about the rich Mexican culture. In case you fancy art a bit more instead, head to the Palacio de Bellas Artes or Fine arts museum and whenever you get over the shock of how beautiful it is outside, venture inside and discover more!

Bridging a gap between Mexico’s colonial past and autonomous present, the Majestic Chapultepec Castle certainly is a place to put on your ‘to-visit’ list. Built in 1785 as a summer palace for Spanish royalty, the castle took another role as a military academy after Mexico’s independence but lost none of its charm on the way as its imposing views and crowning location overlooking the city is something definitely not to be missed. Of course if you happen to be there, a visit to the Zocalo square and historic centre is a must as they are nearby, making you rave about your holidays in Mexico City long after you return back home.



We definitely can’t get enough of the Riviera Maya and the Yucatan Peninsula, but what if you want to witness the ultimate in culture and history? Well, then you are definitely set for a visit to the spectacular and colonial Merida. The cultural capital of the Yucatan Peninsula is not washed by the sea but the attractions around the area are amongst the most fascinating. Pair that with the historic town centre and you’re in for a treat. One of the unique features of holidays to Merida is that you will most probably never get bored. Cultural events and happenings are on each and every night so you definitely have something to look forward to. Play Pok Ta Pok, an ancient form of golfing dating back to the Mayan times or watch live music and theatre acts for free. In case you are in for some ancient history however, head to the archaeological zone of Uxmal or the Grand Museum of the world of Mayas, learn more and witness some of the most impressive and well preserved remains of the Mayan civilization.

You may have heard of the term Hacienda in westerns or even may have visited the well-known and now defunct nightclub in Manchester. Nonetheless, the real deal, Hacienda Sotuta de Peon is one of the places you have to check out while on a holiday in Merida. Established upon the days of “green gold”, this henequen plantation and processing plant has its own cenote and its brimming with history. Steep yourself in history even further by taking a walk through the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Paseo de Montejo and witness the historic colonial houses dating back to the 19th century. Celebrating the name of the conqueror of Yucatan, Francisco de Montejo, this 3-mile walk is definitely something to put on your list. Whenever your feet get tired, sit in one of the numerous bars, restaurants and cafes along the way and take in the views.

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