5+1 museums not to miss on your holidays to Greece

holidays to Greece

Holidays to Greece are not only about the sun sea and sand, as the land of the gods also has a vibrant culture and impressive history stretching back to more than 3800 years. As such, Greece happens to be the country with the most archaeological museums per capita in the world which are also well-endowed with some of the most impressive artefacts. Wherever you book you might have a museum nearby so this is a prime opportunity to indulge and learn more about the intriguing ancient history that gave birth to the modern western civilization.

Acropolis Museum

Amongst the most visited museums in the world and situated right in the heart of Athens, the Acropolis museum is a must-see for everyone having holidays in Athens or at least passing by. This newly built museum exhibits significant archeological findings excavated from the Acropolis archaeological site, ranging from the Greek Bronze age to the Roman and Byzantine eras.


National Archaeological Museum

Amongst the most important museums to visit during your holidays in Greece, the National Archaeological museum of Athens is a national treasure in itself. Immerse yourself in the past and witness some of the most prominent exhibits of Greek history from prehistoric times to late antiquity. Built in 1889, this museum is also located in the centre of the city and is easily accessible, making it even more of a reason to visit.


Heraklion Archaeological Museum

If your plans include going on holidays to Crete anytime soon, the Heraklion Archaeological Museum is amongst the things you ought to put on your list. Encompassing the world’s most valuable collection of Minoan artefacts, from detailed ivory figurines to the world-renowned Phaistos Disc, the Heraklion Archaeological Museum is a marvel for history lovers.


Museum of Prehistoric Thera

Holidays to Santorini are not only about the romantic sunsets and immense beauty of its whitewashed houses and narrow streets. This small museum is full of significance as the artefacts on display range from the Proto-Cycladic civilization and 23-24th centuries BC to the classical period. As an insider’s tip, combine your visit with a trip to the Akrotiri archeological site and watch the history unfold in its entirety.


Benaki Museum

Amongst the most eclectic and beautiful museums one can visit on a holiday to Greece, the Benaki museum is characterised by its collection covering all ages of Greek culture and history. Home to thousands of artefacts and showcasing the outside influences on Greek culture as well, the Benaki museum is a must for those who prefer a complete view of the Greek history and culture.


Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

Hosted in one of the most important sites on the island of Rhodes, the Knights hospital, the Archeological Museum of Rhodes is a spectacle! With many medieval and ancient Greek exhibits, this wonderful museum combines Greek heritage with the medieval influences of the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem who conquered the island. Holidays to Rhodes are always great for sunbathing and partying but if you put that museum on your schedule too you won’t be disappointed.

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