All-Inclusive group holidays VS Self-Catered group holidays: The Pros and Cons

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All inclusive or self-catered? This argument may go on forever and the more we start listing the pros and cons of each mode of travelling, the more confused we get. Shall I go on an all inclusive group holiday or a self catered one? Will I be happy having to follow a group around places I would normally avoid going to? Will I get ripped off if I choose to book, say, a self catered group holiday to Cancun instead of an all inclusive package? How can I make the most of my all inclusive group holiday to Lanzarote? Where should I go if I decide to travel within a group? All these questions and much more are going around our brain every time we think about this dilemma but the main problem persists. What shall we choose to do? In order to make our and your life easier, we have chosen to clarify some of the most frequently asked questions about the subject, drawing from our hard earned experience.

Which is more expensive?

Opting for a group holiday usually means lower prices for each person individually. Most hotels and travel agencies have packages and deals readily available, cutting costs considerably. Nonetheless, do not dismiss a self catered group holiday as getting the perfect deal might rely on a person of your group, or simply hide just a lucky google search away. In most cases however, the safest bet is to go with an all inclusive group holiday from Purple Travel who always looks out for you and your travel buddies.


Which is safer?

As with the question above, the answer is not that easily visible. ‘It depends’ most people will answer and this definitely is true in most cases. If you ask us, we would most certainly go with the fact that all inclusive group holidays usually include a load of extras such as warranties and return policies in case something goes wrong and you want your money back. Moreover, travelling in a group is mostly safer than travelling alone as you always have someone to look out for you and the rest of the group in case that you get lost somewhere or you have one too many and find it hard to return. Leaving things to chance while in a foreign country rarely does your safety any favours. Most all inclusive deals include discounts and deals for guided tours so this also helps in visiting some places that would otherwise be tricky to visit by yourself in terms of safety.


Which is more fun?

This is amongst the most trivial but in the meantime hardest questions someone could ask, as both could affect your overall experience in a mild way but in the meantime both could make or break your holiday. Going with the option of a self catered holiday might provide you with more options as of where to stay, what to do and how much to spend, but you have to look for everything yourself. An all inclusive group holiday on the other hand can provide you with way more options without any unforeseen charges, thereby providing your group holidays with more fun for your buck. An insider tip however would be that you ought not to rely on all inclusive resort bars and clubs because the ones outside are way more fun.


Which is ultimately more relaxing?

Here we believe we have to hand it straight to the all inclusive group holidays as having everything thought out, planned and paid ahead of your arrival usually means that you have only one thing to worry about. Where to lay your beach towel. Going with an all inclusive group holiday from Purple Travel provides you with infinite options on what to do with less money and less worries, maximising your fun and minimising your stress levels. This probably ticks most of the boxes of the holiday that you always longed for. Or doesn’t it?


What about food?

Eating and drinking are among the essentials wherever you might end up going in a group or otherwise. All inclusive resorts tend to be way more indulging as the food you pay for at the time for consumption is practically nonexistent. Everything is prepaid, so you can eat all that you can from the buffet without depleting your budget on overpriced touristy food on a seaside restaurant. Nonetheless, not all inclusive resorts offer quality food which means that you have more of a probability of eating unhealthy as well as overeating. Not good after a hard few months of dieting and exercising for that beach bod. What’s more and most important however is the taste. Take a stroll around the local restaurants and don’t be afraid to try new things. Your next favourite dish might be hiding in the small, corner restaurant you just passed by. All you need to do in order to discover it is to ask around and step outside your resort.


Long live the happy hour

And we could definitely agree with a nice all inclusive deal. Nonetheless, this is something you have to put into perspective before booking, since most all inclusive resorts charge extra for alcoholic drinks. A drink package albeit a mostly expensive option to add, might be a good choice depending on what you plan on doing during your holiday. If you don’t mind stepping outside of your resort and live the local nightlife then this definitely is among the things that you should consider adding to your package. In any other case you would be advised to keep the money on the side and explore what the local clubbing scene has to offer you.


Concluding, choosing an all inclusive group holiday over its self catered counterpart is something that boils down to personal preference as both have their own pros and cons. Nevertheless, if you are looking to relax with a nice deal and enjoy some days in the sun, then an all inclusive holiday will most likely tick all the boxes. In case that you want to plan your own adventure and go for something else instead of the usual, pre-designed fun and tourist crowds, then going self catered is your thing.

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