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group holidays

As with most things, holidays are something best enjoyed with good company. After all, few people haven’t dreamt of packing up their things, taking their mates along and embarking on a holiday that will make history. Nonetheless, most of times group holidays seem to be a daunting prospect. Be it the fact that most people have to worry about day jobs and paying their rent, life seems to get in the way of the perfect group vacation more often than not. In case however, that you decide to go, another set of challenges might arise and in order to overcome these, you have to be prepared. Since we ‘re always about helping you with your holidays, we have gathered some of the best advice and suggestions of places to visit, in order to help you organise your perfect holiday without breaking your friends’ hearts, bones and of course the bank.

Book as a group

Although you don’t necessarily have to stay in one for the whole duration of your holiday. Booking as a group usually entails bigger discounts and consequently means more money to spend on drinks, tours, activities and even some tacky t-shirts and souvenirs to take back home after a sunny holiday to Cancun for example. Purple Travel loves people who travel in groups and we always strive to make your booking special regardless of it being for 2 or 22 people travelling together. All the more of a reason to convince your mates to join you.



Some destinations are safer than others as usual, but staying safe while on a holiday also depends on the people you go with. Group holidays usually mean that not all people will be after the same kind of entertainment, so you can always find someone willing to go out with you and stay sober enough to keep you out of harm’s way. This of course, means that you have to do your part when others are concerned as well but as the three musketeers used to say, it’s all for one and one for all!



Sharing travel experience

That little corner shop with amazing deals in traditional bags and the cosy little local restaurant with amazing food are always waiting, but usually they tend to hide way better than you may think. Going in a group with some people who have already visited helps, as they will certainly help point you towards the right direction. Moreover, some things like places to visit and relevant expenses will come in handy from someone you know whenever your 4G signal runs out and you can’t Google your question.


You always have someone to explore with

And go to places you wouldn’t think you’d visit. Yes of course a trip to Chernobyl might sound tempting, but in the meantime, walking around a highly radioactive and abandoned city doesn’t sound ideal to everyone. That’s what friends are for because any time you decide to do something the others don’t approve of there will certainly be another to go with your idea -and maybe convince the others too.


Places to Visit



Amongst the most famous tourist resorts for group holidays in Spain, Benidorm is always vibrant and full of things to do. Challenge your mates on a go kart race, go shopping in one of the countless shops and boutiques, golf, or simply enjoy a cocktail on one of its three blue flag awarded beaches. Holidays to Benidorm mean going out so rest assured that if you choose it as your destination, your group will be happier than ever -albeit maybe a bit hangover the day after.



The volcanic island of Lanzarote is one of the best places to indulge in watersports. If you happen to travel in a group and want to witness some of the most breathtaking arid landscapes while dusting off your sporting abilities, this is the place you shall choose. Windsurf, surf or even hike around the island and you will certainly realise that a group holiday to Lanzarote is one of the best choices you have ever made. Visit the unique Jameos Del Agua lava tube and also make a visit to the Cesar Manrique foundation, learning more about the famous Canarian architect and artist who called Lanzarote home.



The biggest island in Greece also happens to be the most interesting as well. From its stunning nature to the hearty food and breathtaking sceneries, Crete definitely ticks all the boxes. Take a swim in the marvelous Balos Lagoon, party wild in Kavos or put your feet to the test and devote 4 hours of your time to traverse the Samaria gorge. In case that you fancy learning more about the once thriving Minoan civilization inhabiting the island, make sure you pay a visit to the wonderful Knossos ruins.


The pinnacle of the Riviera Maya, Cancun has long been the favourite destination for spring breakers and most kinds of tourists overall. The fine white sand, clear blue waters and huge variety of activities will certainly entice you and your travel buddies. Pay a visit to Xel-Ha and Xcaret eco-archaeological parks, visit the Rio Secreto or if you haven’t had enough of Mayan history and want to see it at its finest, make sure you keep some time off to pay a visit to the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza and Coba.



Last but not in the slightest sense least, the majestic island of Corfu is a place full of hidden wonders. Visit Paleokastritsa and Sidari bay and swim in some of the best water you can find in Europe. Stroll leisurely around the old town of Corfu with its Venetian and French architectural influences and visit the Achilleion Palace.  Whenever you get hungry, a local taverna will be there to treat you with some of the best delicacies the island has to offer and don’t hold back, because Corfiot food is well renowned. After all this is said and done, make sure to visit the Mouse island by boat and witness its unique and picturesque setting.

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